Steven Ma & Linda Chung

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Steven Ma & Linda Chung

Post by summer7879 on Thu Mar 04, 2010 4:13 am

Name: 鍾嘉欣 / Chung Ka Yan (Zhong Jia Xin)
English name: Linda Chung
Also known as: 欣欣 (Yan Yan) / 阿欣 (Ah Yan)
Profession: Actress and singer
Birthdate: 1984-Apr-09
Birthplace: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Height: 173cm
Weight: 51kg
Star sign: Aries
Chinese zodiac: Rat
Family: Older brother and younger sister

Steven's Biodata

* Name: 馬俊偉 Ma Chun Wai (Ma Jun Wei)
* English name: Steven Ma
* Also known as: ?? (Ma Jai) / ??? (Stephanus)
* Profession: Actor and singer
* Birthdate: 1971-Oct-26
* Birthplace: Hong Kong
* Height: 180cm
* Weight: 68kg
* Star sign: Scorpio
* Chinese zodiac: Pig

Series Shot Together :-

A Journey Called Life
A Watchdog’s Tale

Coming Up :

Song Poling

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