Myoile Wu accepts scenes where she reveals bra

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Myoile Wu accepts scenes where she reveals bra

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 2:58 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Myoile Wu accepts scenes where she reveals bra

Yesterday afternoon Moses Chan, Myolie Wu and Fala Chen's new series held a promotional event. In the series, Myolie plays "Chau Heung" and knows martial arts, before filming she worked hard practicing and reinforcing. She reveals that there's a scene where she reveals her undergarment (ancient styled bra), but just the shoulders, won't turn into " (Original title is )

This time Myolie beats Fala Chen in sexy appearances, asked if she's brave enough to do a take off clothes revealing bra scene like Fala? She said that if the bra isn't too revealing then she can accept it, but more importantly, if the scene is requires it. In the series, she and Moses have one kiss scene, asked if she's afraid Bosco Wong will mind? Myolie said that it's none of his business.

Turns out that Myolie's sexy appearances are because of Moses as "Tong Bak Fu" immoral dreams. Moses laughed and explained that its madness, that he has to get hit by both Myolie and Fala in the series. He named the two "ancient HK girls". Yesterday, Myolie and Fala took a rattan whip ("tung tiew") and twisted his ear, Fala said that there was one scene where she had to slap Moses and NGed more than 10 times.

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