Niki Chow lost control shopping online

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Niki Chow lost control shopping online

Post by summer7879 on Mon Mar 08, 2010 3:02 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao
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Niki Chow lost control shopping online

Niki Chow likes to go on facebook and writes in her "Blog". As she uses her real name, her boss and fans have added her. Reporter asked if she often spends all night at in? She replied "I have, that is why I have spots." Niki revealed that she is addicted to online shopping. This is because online shopping is cheaper and delivery is direct to her home. She reckons that has saved her a third of her time on shopping. She went on to say she thought she can save money by staying at home, but in fact, she spends more money buying things online. Niki just came back from France and she had spent a fortune on her shopping. Now since she came back, she also spends a lot of money shopping online. Therefore, she would do any job on offer and she is not planning on holiday this year. Niki was very lucky that she won a lucky draw of 3,000 HKD in the company's spring festival dinner. Niki said she is not usually that lucky, nevertheless, she treated her colleagues for a meal with her winning money and she wished everyone good luck.

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