Niki Chow has denied spending a wealthy guy's money

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Niki Chow has denied spending a wealthy guy's money

Post by summer7879 on Sun Mar 14, 2010 6:03 am

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Niki Chow has denied spending a wealthy guy's money

A magazine has recently reported Niki Chow is dating Eric Zhuo, heir of a textile factory boss and she has been spending his money. His family is not very happy about it and they accused her as a "gold digger".

Niki Chow denied that rumor, she said "We are only friends and we are not dating yet. I am concentrating in my career at the moment. In fact, it is only natural that we are together sometimes because we are friends. But the magazine uses such words to describe me, it is not very nice. In particular, it involves Eric's family. I feel bad about it. Eric has phoned me to see how I was. We dare not see each other now, but our friendship won't be affected because of this report." Niki went on to say she doesn't know if Eric wants to chase after her, but she doesn't measure friendship according to how wealthy they are. Niki added "I have always earned my own living. I don't have to depend on other people. The magazine said I am now "ashore", and they said I drove Eric's sister's Porsche; none of which is true. I still have contract with BMW and I go to work in the "nanny van", I seldom drive."

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