Steven Ma brings a girl to event, suspected girlfriend

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Steven Ma brings a girl to event, suspected girlfriend

Post by summer7879 on Wed Mar 17, 2010 1:55 am

Credit : Source: Takungpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Steven Ma's suspected girlfriend)

Steven Ma brings a girl to event, suspected girlfriend

Since Stephen Chan's ICAC arrest, people who are part of the "Stephen Team" are all insecure. Steven Ma, Sonjia Kwok and Patrick Tang attended <7 Day Love Isolation> costume fitting press conference yesterday. It was suspected that Steven suddenly had another girlfriend. Also, Steven was said to be Stephen's "new favorite", Steven said: "retarded!" He expressed that July of last year, Stephen personally discussed with him on the new contract, but that was all just for work. He also stressed several times during interviews that his love life is currently stabled and although he is often said to be in many different "teams", but he personally feels that he's on TVB's side. He hopes that one day everyone will have the real truth revealed. Towards the past several rumors questioning his sexual orientation, saying that he and other male artists are battling, Steven does not hope to see false reports making everything so complicated. Asked if the girl he brought to the event was his girlfriend? He did not directly answer, he said that he's having diaharria and needs to visit the doctor. Speaking of the rumors that if Edthancy does not get marry before age 30, he will die, so Stephen planned to marry him, Steven laughed and said that he has never heard of that and does not know Edthancy. Sonjia Kwok was asked if the ICAC approached her? She said no because she never had a pay reduction.

Bosco new MCI love?
Also, it was said that Bosco Wong fell in love 2005 MCI Elva Ni, but Bosco expressed that he doesn't know her and doesn't even remember who she is. As to the reports saying that he told Elva that he can recommend her into the entertainment circle. Bosco said that he's not an executive, so there is no such thing. Rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu asked him about the reports, asked if she deeply asked him about it? He said: "No, its just reporters asking her. Bothering other people, I have to say sorry, one rumor is enough!"

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