Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng hold press conference confirming 4-year marriage; currently filing for divorce

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Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng hold press conference confirming 4-year marriage; currently filing for divorce

Post by summer7879 on Sun Mar 28, 2010 1:10 am

Credit : Source: Sina
Translation: Sarah @

Charlene Choi & Ronald Cheng hold press conference confirming 4-year marriage; currently filing for divorce

Recently, there were media reports of Charlene Choi and Ronald Cheng’s marriage certificate being exposed. Although the 2 both clarified their break-up to reporters, it seemed that the media refused to give up and continued publishing false reports. Hence today, the 2 decided to hold a press conference together.

This afternoon at 4pm, Ronald left his apartment and headed straight to the Jin Pai Da Feng office building. He looked very frustrated, and when reporters gathered around him, asking about the news of his marriage certificate being exposed, he replied: “See you all soon!” and then headed quickly into the lift.

At approximately 6pm, a large number of media arrived and there were over 100 reporters present. Everyone was waiting anxiously for the 2 main leads to appear.

At approximately 6:30pm, the 2 came out together to face the reporters, with a solemn expression on both their faces.

Ronald began his speech: “The marriage rumours are true. In 2006, we very happily made the decision to get married, and our parents both agreed for us to get married in Los Angeles. Both of us felt that there was no need for us to announce it to everyone. We both decided to handle the situation like that, but over the years, there have been many false media reports, hence now we have decided to hold this press conference. Today will also be the last time we make a statement regarding this matter. Throughout these years, I have been very happy with Ah Sa, growing together, but after deepening our understanding of each other, we both decided that breaking up would be better for both of us. I want to stress again, the reason for our break-up was not due to a third party; the false reports the public have been reading are not true. Our divorce procedure is currently in progress, and we will do everything that is legally required.”

After finishing, Ronald was immediately moved to tears, and Charlene also caringly handed some tissues to him. He continued: “Although me & Ah Sa are no longer going to be husband-and-wife, we had a good and happy time together. And we hope that we will still remain good friends in the future. Thank you everyone and we hope that everyone will give us our own space.”

After Ronald concluded his speech, Ah Sa choked back tears and expressed: “From when me and Ronald first met, to dating and finally to marriage, we agreed on every decision. And our marriage was not just our decision, we also got the support from our family and friends. We felt that there was no need to announce it to everyone, and we hoped that it could be our own little secret between us. Unfortunately, it seems like artists are not entitled to their privacy. We are still good friends. I hope that everyone can give us more space, and I also hope that me & Ronald’s life from now on can be happy.”

Finally, Ah Sa gave thanks to everyone and concluded the press conference.

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