Encounters Troublesome Guy Two of a Kind When Filming Series :: Kenneth Ma Teases Kevin Cheng as Pose King

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Encounters Troublesome Guy Two of a Kind When Filming Series :: Kenneth Ma Teases Kevin Cheng as Pose King

Post by summer7879 on Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:22 am

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Encounters Troublesome Guy Two of a Kind When Filming Series :: Kenneth Ma Teases Kevin Cheng as Pose King

Two big men, Kenneth Ma and Kevin Cheng discovered that they are two of a kind after filming "A Fistful of Stances" together, and they are now like brothers.

In TVB's "A Fistful of Stances", Kevin Cheng and Kenneth Ma play brothers. In reality, Kenneth said that before working with Kevin, he thought Kevin was only capable of posing, and many friends have informed him that Kevin is troublesome. However, after spending time together and understanding one another, they unexpectedly became friends.

Kevin and Kenneth were in Olympian City accepting this interview the previous day during the promotional event of "A Fistful of Stances". Once the two big men sat down, they talked non-stop. Before working together, there were many friends that informed Kenneth that Kevin is very troublesome [to work with].

Kenneth laughs, "To be honest, before working with him (Kevin Cheng), watching him act is as though he was posing and acting [at the same time]. Later, many people knew that I was going to work with Kevin, so they told me to be careful, as they said that filming with Kevin is very troublesome. Their definition of troublesome is not the hateful, yelling at others troublesome, yet they were referring that he is hard to get along with. It wasn't until we worked together, instead we got acquainted very quickly, and we were on the same channels. Maybe it is because we are two of the same kind".

Kevin and Kenneth play brothers in the series, and they are both standing up to the enemy's persecution.

Other people say Kevin is troublesome, but he explains he has high standards along with a little temperament of an artist.

After listening to Kenneth's words, Kevin couldn't hold in his laugh and said, "Was it really that serious? However, I believe the area where we are the most compatible is that we are both stubborn people, no matter if it is in our acting or in our personality. We both have temperaments of an artist. There were many scenes where Kenneth did very well in. He already has every aspect, and you can say that he is at the stage where he is "building construction". All that is missing is that opportunity, and a good character. Everybody in this series filmed very happily, and there weren't any rumours".

Kenneth adds, "Back then, when filming with a bunch of colleagues, no matter how friends they were during filming, but after the filming has finished and they see one another later, they would only say a few words and then leave. They might not even say anything at all if they are not friends. This time, the cast will occasionally meet and eat together, watch movies, and care for one another".

Although they have worked happily this time, but the ratings for the series have been so-so since since it started airing. They said, "Maybe because it is only the beginning, and watching TV series is not very popular recently. But, we would like the audience to give it a chance and watch it. You will have to watch it in order to know if it is good or not".

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