Elvina Kong accepts having botox for a slimmer face

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Elvina Kong accepts having botox for a slimmer face

Post by Matchbox on Thu Apr 08, 2010 2:53 pm

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Date: 2010-04-08

Elvina Kong accepts having botox for a slimmer face



Elvina Kong has had a long break since sitcom series "Off Pedder" had finished airing. She has gained some weight but will soon be starting to shoot a new Super Trio game show. In order to show her best appearance she recently started to slim her face.

Not afraid Botox will paralyze emotions

Elvina is the spokesperson for "Banyan Tree". She has previously been teased in the past for having a big face. However she doesn't want to go on a heavy diet that would affect her body. Recently she bravely accepted a procedure to slim down her face. She used Botox to regain her confidence.

After accepting 5 minutes of botox injections. Elvina felt that the procedure was just as simple as removing blackheads. "You need to wait at least 1 month to see full results. Your face becomes slimmer and you do not need to cut down on food. I can happily enjoy eating my favourite steak. Very Happy". (You're not afraid botox will paralyze emotions and facial muscles? ) "As long as you're not greedy then it's okay. I am an actress and I have no problems with many facial expressions". (Have you been afraid?) "I was at first but since I tried it I found that it was very simple. Earlier I bumped into a old colleague at a public event and they praised me having a slimmer face. I felt so happy".
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