Angela Tong rides on Chin Ka Lok at <Super Trio> getting a "chi koo ding" (a boy)

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Angela Tong rides on Chin Ka Lok at <Super Trio> getting a

Post by summer7879 on Sun Apr 11, 2010 12:37 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Angela Tong rides on Chin Ka Lok at getting a "chi koo ding" (a boy)

Eric Tsang, Chin Ka Lok and new hosts Kam Kong and Elvina Kong were recording for a special Super Games edition of . The guests include Angela Tong, Timmy Hung, Carlo Ng, Toby Leung, HotCha and Sammy Leung. Everyone continued to play with Angela and Ka Lok's rumors. Before recording, Angela was asked about Chin Ka Lok's joke of asking his ex-girlfriends Lee San San and Loletta Lee to do a special edition, Angela said: "Really? So many?!" Timmy was besides her and said: "That be fun! The rewards today really is Chin Ka Lok!" Angela said: "I want to win!" Timmy laughed: "For now, you are winning." Angela immediately said Thanks! When she saw Chin Ka Lok later, she ran over to take pictures with him.

During recording, Eric requested that Angela give a reason why she likes Chin Ka Lok, she said: "He's tall and handsome" Ka Lok said in embarassment: "Just thinking of it makes me wanna throw up."

When it was time for games, the group split into teams for a game of passing Udon and Pretz with their mouths. The outgoing Toby was not afraid of going mouth-to-mouth with Timmy. While Carlo and Angela were passing the food, Sammy was in between them and shouted: "Chin Ka Lok is watching them!"

The next game involves the male lifting up the female's legs from behind. The female then puts pressure with her chest on the balloon causing it to burst. With a good body figure, Toby was teased by Chin Ka Lok "chest on chest missiles". Then the female had to jump on the male's thigh to put more pressure on the balloon so it can pop. When Angela jumped on Chin Ka Lok's thigh, someone besides them asked: "did you give birth yet!" Ka Lok said: "Yes already did! It's a chi koo ding (meaning: baby boy)!" When the rough Toby jumped on Timmy's thigh, he revealed a painful expression. Hotcha's Winkie jumped on Eddie's thigh and broke the stool, the scene was hilarious.

Afterwards, Timmy expressed that he's fine. He said: "No problem, still got the elasticity. When Toby jumped on me, it was already not painful, I was already feeling numb. They are like murderers. I thought that Angela was already powerful among the group of girls, but Hotcha is crazy too! Can see how brutal they are." Chin Ka Lok heard that reporters said Angela is brutal, he laughed: "So that's why today I was really scared! (Angela used her chest to put pressure on the balloon, was your heart aching?) Really? (Go back and do a body check with her!) Body check? Too bad I'm not a doctor. (Usually when you and Angela play at home, is it that brutal too?) I'm never at home with her, once we see each other, we're like enemies. It's like a zombie seeing sticky rice!"

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