Michael Tao: Overseas Production Company Owes Me 6 Digit Figure

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Michael Tao: Overseas Production Company Owes Me 6 Digit Figure

Post by Matchbox on Mon Apr 26, 2010 10:16 am

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Date: 2010-04-26

Michael Tao: Overseas Production Company Owes Me 6 Digit Figure

Michael Tao and Deric Wan shot a 30 episode TV series for a Overseas Production Company a few years ago. It is said that the Production company is still owing the pair 6 figure earnings. The Company is currently being sued, therefore the pair have difficulty in retrieving their earnings.

aTV was cooperating with the Production company however financial matters occured. The series "My Depraved Brothers" completed filming 2 years ago but has not been scheduled to broadcast on aTV. Instead the series has been airing in Mainland and edited to a 34 episode series. The actors were not paid for the 4 extra episodes.

The reporter contacted Michael. He acknowledged that during the time his manager Kam Sek Gai was responsible for recovering his wages. The executive Mr Chen of the Mainland Production company stated that he would follow up the case, however there was no further news. Soon after Mr Chen resigned from the company. Michael wasn't able to recover his 6 digit earnings. In addition, Michael and his Manager no longer cooperate. He now freelances.

Michael said "The earnings they owe me are just for a few episodes". (6 digit figure?) "Almost, I thought since the people involved are no longer working there, then I should just leave it". (You lost a lot of money?) "It depends if we (Manager) will work together again. Then I maybe able to recalculate the costs". Deric Wan is currently shooting series in Shanxi. He also signed a 30 episode contract. His management would be responsible for recovering his wages for the 4 extra episodes.
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