Wong Cho Lam Portrays Chung King Fai, Returns As A Man

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Wong Cho Lam Portrays Chung King Fai, Returns As A Man

Post by summer7879 on Sun May 02, 2010 12:16 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao / http://asianuniverse.net/forums
Translated by: KAY @ http://kays-entertainment.blogspot.com/

Wong Cho Lam Portrays Chung King Fai, Returns As A Man

Once complained for portraying women often, Wong Cho Lam portrayed a man character when filming the new episode of "Fun With Liza and Gods." He appeared as Chung King Fai (King Sir)'s character in "A Fistful of Stances." Liza Wong congratulated him when she saw him, said he never portrayed a man since the show is on air. Cho Lam cleared up: "I'm a man myself, not portraying man, but viewers like to see me portraying women, I'm afraid it would be less appealing without this career line." [career line 事業線 is a new phrase in Hong Kong, referring to woman's chest, generally for those who get attention and headlines by showing off their chest. i.e: Chrissie Chau is showing off her 32D career line.]

He said it's a little difficult to portray King Sir due to body movement and tone of speaking, but he didn't ask the original for guidance, because he portrayed King Sir many times. A segment in the show called "Sat and the City" requires all three gods (Cho Lam, Louis, and Johnson) to portray women. But in the next episode, they will turn back to men. He said they can't always talk about minds of women and have to concern about male viewers; so his 'Handelbaby' won't show up again.

The three gods portrayed women as much as they can yesterday, portraying Cookies and also Dae Jang Geum. Louis was said to resemble host Michelle Lo when he portrays woman, and the two actually showed up together. Louis joked they're threatening to Twins.

Reports said in the beginning of developing this show, TVB refused to pay extra to change song lyrics, Louis had to pay on his own in order to add more fun to the show. Louis only said: "No, TVB has that much money, no need to pay on my own. Actually we have more sponsors now, good response, too. Cost of hair and clothing increased."

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