Bowie Lam: “Kiki Sheung Should Control Her Temper”

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Bowie Lam: “Kiki Sheung Should Control Her Temper”

Post by summer7879 on Sat May 15, 2010 1:03 am

Credit ; Source: the Sun
Credits: JayneStars

Bowie Lam: “Kiki Sheung Should Control Her Temper”

In recent years, Bowie Lam left a deep impression with the audience through the many villain roles he played. Bowie urged the audience not to distinguish between the role of the hero and villain, but to look at the overall story of the development.

Regarding early buzz about the TVB Anniversary Awards, Bowie said, “Two weeks prior to the awards ceremony, we should review the clips of all the contenders. This way, the audience will have a better response.” (Did Bowie want to win another [Best Actor] award?) “In the past, I already won awards. I am not craving to win one! There is no place at home to store the awards anyway. It is better to win cash!”

Regarding Sisters of Pearl co-star, Kiki Sheung Tin Gnor, who often had negative rumors, Bowie spoke of his onscreen wife, “Kiki’s personality is too direct. Whenever she does not like something, she will speak up. However, I respect Kiki a lot, since she is my predecessor.” (Can you stand her personality?) “She needs to control herself more. If other people can not accept the criticism, then she should say less!”

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