Jessica may marry next year

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Jessica may marry next year

Post by summer7879 on Wed May 19, 2010 1:47 am

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Translated by: siaozhabor @ Credits: Stephanie @

Jessica may marry next year

The 39 year old veteran artiste has won both fame and money but she was still single. During the half a year relationship with Ruan, Jessica changed her priorities and ranked her love life as a priority. Possessing both feminist and feminine characteristics, Jessica is already prepared to be a wife and mother.

Recently, TVB used many middle-aged artistes to boost its viewer ratings. An example will be "Sisters of Pearls" whose casts includes Jessica, Kiki Sheung, Michael Tao and Bowie Lam. Jessica started her career in the 1990s and was actively involved in TV productions for the past 20 years. She was always seen as a workaholic and had several relationships that did not last.

Artistes of her generation like Flora Chan and Kenix Kwok had marry and gave birth. She started a new relationship with Beckham look-alike, Ruan last year, and chose to announce the news on the day of Gallen's marriage. As she has already identified Ruan as a husband material, she fully immersed herself in her love life.

Ruan had already proposed

Although Jessica was busy with the promotion of "Sisters of Pearls", Jessica did not neglect her boyfriend. She mentioned that she loved her job when she first entered the industry. Hence, she put in all her efforts in her career previously, causing her her health. She recalled her many experiences of being admitted into the hospital, which led to her enlightenment, "When I was filming A Step into the Past, I was hospitalized for a few days. I told myself that I want nothing but health. It would not be any use of I were a billionaire with ill health. From then on, I told myself I told myself not to give up my life for my job."

Currently, I arrange my work schedule so that they are not so tight. I will always look at the casts of the show and try not to work during summer. Its very hot, especially if I am filming a show that is based in the ancient times.

Jessica is prepared to be a wife but will not get pregnant before marriage. Ruan had already proposed to her and Jessica commented," He did mentioned it before. I am still a girl and I will not be too proactive at this kind of things. I believe in fate and will always think of the last stage when I am dating. I will say that he's the most compatible one. We have the same ideas and goals.

Furthermore, Jessica hinted that she may get married next year. She mentioned, "Marriage is also fated, if it is meant to be, it will be when everyone is 100% ready." In terms of her hope for her wedding, she wished that is will be a simple one without elaborate details. She used Daniel and Lisa S's wedding at South Africa as a reference.

Jessica further commented on Ruan, "we have the same hobbies. He is very humourous and kind-hearted. Moreover, he is nice to my parents and is serious in his work. We have the same ideas."

However, Jessica did find faults with his kind-heartedness, "I feel that he is too kind-hearted. He is always being used by other people so I have to be the bad person." In the case where her boyfriend is bullied, Jessica will then have to speak out for him.

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