Upcoming 2010 TVB Series Copying Overseas Productions?

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Upcoming 2010 TVB Series Copying Overseas Productions?

Post by summer7879 on Wed May 19, 2010 1:56 am

Credit : Excerpt from Face Magazine #156
Credits: JayneStars

Upcoming 2010 TVB Series Copying Overseas Productions?

The Mind Reading Detective versus The Mentalist

In The Mind Reading Detective <讀心神探>, police officer Bowie Lam learned how to read the weaknesses of people from observing them closely. Bowie learned this skill from his father, who was a fortune-teller. Afterwards, Bowie studied Criminal Psychology in the United States and combining this skill with his observational talent, he was able to repeatedly solve difficult crimes.

Airing in 2008, the American television series, The Mentalist, Simon Baker also solved difficult crimes through his excellent observation and analytical skills. It is up to the audience to determine whether TVB copied elements from The Mentalist.

The Mind Reading Detective also stars Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Crystal Tin, Aimee Chan Yan Mei, and Lai Lok Yi.
Gun Metal Grey versus Life

In Gun Metal Grey, "刑警 2010", former police officer, Felix Wong Yat Wah, was sentenced to prison for several years for a crime he did not commit. After he was released from prison, Felix sought to execute justice using his own methods. As a result, this caused strife between Felix and his good friend and righteous police officer, Michael Miu Kiu Wai.

Earlier, TVB broadcast American series, Life, which spoke of Damian Lewis was innocently given a life sentence for murder. After proving his innocence and subsequent release, he returned to the police force for vindication. His alternative approach for justice sparked discontent from other police officers. Hopefully, there are no further similarities between Gun Metal Grey and Life!

Gun Metal Grey also stars Jessica Hsuan, Crystal Tin, Nancy Wu Ding Yan, Vincent Wong Ho Shun, Kenny Wong Tak Bun, and Rebecca Chan Sau Chu.

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