Toby Leung reveals her 'career line' for wedding ad with Him Law

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Toby Leung reveals her 'career line' for wedding ad with Him Law

Post by summer7879 on Mon May 24, 2010 3:40 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Toby Leung reveals her 'career line' for wedding ad with Him Law

For a wedding service company endorsement, Toby Leung strongly showed her "career line" at the photo shoot. She even invited sunshine boy Him Law to be her groom. The photo shoot was a success with great looking wedding photos.

Recently Toby had been exploring new wedding attractions with the Wedding Planner. As she has always dreamed of having a wedding in the air. Toby collaborated with "Ngong Ping 360" to do the wedding photo shoot at the Tung Chung and Big Buddha locations. Also she was able to hold her dream wedding in the air in a hanging cable car.

The day before yesterday, Toby and Him were on location at Ngong Ping shooting for the bridal endorsement photos. The two had a kiss scene and were not embarrassed, they appeared very close. Even the photographer praised that the 'couple' was compatible. One photo of them had Him's hand near Toby's chest, luckily Toby did not mind.

Turns out that the great chemistry developed during the filming of TVB series , where they play lovers and had several intense kiss scenes. Therefore, this time they were able to kiss passionately without fear. Toby said: "At first when Him and I started filming, he was a bit shy. So I chatted with him more and helped him out. (Did you really fall for him?) I like mature guys. I am a year older than him, we're just good friends! (Is the endorsement fee a friendship price?) They're really hit, an ideal price!"

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