Affected by plagiarism rumors, Steven Ma says <Ghost Writer> did not plagiarize

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Affected by plagiarism rumors, Steven Ma says <Ghost Writer> did not plagiarize

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:34 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao,
Translated by: aZnangel @

Affected by plagiarism rumors, Steven Ma says did not plagiarize

Affected by accusations of plagiarizing Japanese drama , TVB new series , Netizens are also suspicious if the drama has elements of plagiarism to the film . Yesterday at the promotional event, male lead Steven Ma said that he doesn't know if he should cry or laugh at the accusations. He said: " story is adapted from a book by Po Chung Ling. The series is about Po Chung Ling's life, including his experience with ghost and spirits. I am absolutely sure to say that the script to this series is not plagiarizing anything."

Towards the hot topic of plagiarizing ? Steven said that he has not seen neither of the two series and cannot comment. He felt that the viewers nowadays have attitudes and opinions when watching series, the most important part is that the series is getting welcomed by viewers.

broadcast period clashes with the World Cup, Steven is not worried about the TV ratings being affected, only if the broadcast times clashes will it be a problem. In the past, Steven has got a habit of "armored into the battlefield" and every time it has been a success, he doesn't dare to say he's lucky, but he can say he's blessed.

Linda Chung was asked about Raymond Lam's "Prince Illness" criticisms? She said: "A Prince is good!" Reporters explained that "Prince Illness" is saying that he has an arrogant attitude? She said that she doesn't feel anything is wrong with Raymond, and said that he's very independent, no need for others to take care of him. About Raymond's concert in July, Linda said that she has not receive an invite yet, but she doesn't dare to go request for one herself. Asked if she would go support Raymond or go see Wong Cho Lam's show off show? She smiled and said that she wants to see both performances, if both shows clash she won't be able to go support. When asked between Raymond and Cho Lam, who is her friend? She said both are her friends, she is easy-going, everyone is her friend!

Fala said that her Fox goddess role in the series has a naive, innocent and cute personality. People said that the personality doesn't fit her real personality, she embarrassingly said: "Of course, I am human, she's a goddess."

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