Bernice won Canadian award for self-created kungfu dance steps

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Bernice won Canadian award for self-created kungfu dance steps

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jun 03, 2010 1:41 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily
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Bernice won Canadian award for self-created kungfu dance steps

Bernice won Canadian award for self-created kungfu dance steps

Bernice Liu has reappeared as a fighting girl for her new movie. She has practiced Taekwondo from a young age, and is still influenced by the likes of Bruce Lee movies today, and has melded Taekwondo moves into her dancing, winning her an award from her homeland of Canada.

She and To Yu Hang have been collaborating on new movie "The Legend is Born: Yip Man", which involves many scenes of intense fighting, allowing these two young kungfu-lovers to act out to their heart's content. Although she has studied Taekwondo for over six years, the techniques are very different from Wing Chun, so Bernice had to cram in lessons before filming started. She never could have guessed that she would love it so much once she tried it, and has found a new hobby to pursue after filming ends. "I first encountered kungfu watching Bruce Lee movies when I was in Canada, and afterwards I used one of the songs from the movie to choreograph my own dance, and added kungfu motifs at a competition, and got a special prize for it! I was only 12."

Hopes movie and drama careers can balance out

Accepting fighting role after fighting role, Bernice was asked if she is seriously considering belonging to the fighting girls group for acting. She laughed and said she doesn't plan to do so. "These past couple years have definitely seen an influx of kungfu movies, I'll have to see if I get the chance! Actually I hope that I can expand at the same pace for both movies and dramas. Next month I'm going to be participating in a drama!"

Yu Hang plays Yip Man in the movie, and was asked if he had perused Donnie Yen's character in "Yip Man" for inspiration, but he said, "Donnie's character in 'Yip Man' is really outstanding, but the Yip Man that I play grows up from age 12 to 28, which is quite similar to my own age and character. We're both quite quiet, and started kungfu at a young age, the only difference is we were born in different eras!"

Extremely nervous working with Sammo Hung

As a newcomer, Sammo Hung admits that he is under a lot of pressure. Other than acting in the lead role, he has to work with great veteran actors. He said, "I remember when I was acting in 'Yip Man 2', I was very nervous fighting opposite Sammo Hung... Sammo, Donnie and Fan Shao Huang are all actors with over 10 years experience, although I only have a few sentences to say, the experience working with them is like entering a big competition."

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