Jessica Hsuan's evil role in "Sisters of Pearl" unable to shine

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Jessica Hsuan's evil role in "Sisters of Pearl" unable to shine

Post by Matchbox on Sat Jun 05, 2010 7:44 am

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Date: 2010-06-05

Jessica Hsuan's evil role in "Sisters of Pearl" unable to shine

Jessica Hsuan and Bowie Lam's TVB series "Sisters of Pearl" has been criticised for having a poor storyline and confusing bickering scenes have not been able to attract viewers. The main focus is Jessica's role, but even though she is portraying a evil role for the first time, unfortunatley it hasn't been a good breakthrough for her.

Can't compare to "War and Beauty"

Since "Sisters of Pearl" aired the audience found it similar to "The Gem of Life". The storyline consists of the same idea such as battling for wealth and selling pearls. "War and Beauty" is the most successful TVB series in the last 10 years for Villain roles. Many factors made it appealing including the Palace scenary, no control over people's fate, sudden deaths, more indepth development with each character. As for "Sisters of Pearl" the quality of the series fails to compare to standards of "War and Beauty". The producers of the series have previously said that each episode of "Pearl" had a climax. However the bickering and battling scenes are not refreshing. The storyline has been poorly developed. In fact the audience can get tired of watching it.

Confusing Characters, Jessica's role unable to shine

The series actually has a very good cast. Bowie Lam and Jessica Hsuan are talented artistes. Even though Michael Tao's popularity has dropped due to recent news reports he still gave his best performance in the series. Joyce Tang plays a supporting role, but in episodes 18-20 she had the most screen time over the main leads.

From Episode 1 Jessica's evil role was highly anticipated. But unfortunately this breakthrough role was disappointing. Other Villains include Kiki Sheung and Bowie Lam. Jessica's evilness had not reached a certain level and the main purpose for plotting was to protect her son. After epsiode 17, she had less scenes. The main focus switched towards Joyce and Kiki. In all honesty Jessica's acting talent can play any evil role created for her. But the Producers and script writers should have focused on the development of her role abit more.
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