Bosco Wong promoting his EP in Mongkok

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Bosco Wong promoting his EP in Mongkok

Post by summer7879 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 1:05 am

Credit ; Source: Takungpao
Translator: R.E.D @

Bosco Wong promoting his EP in Mongkok

Bosco Wong was promoting his second EP "Bravo" in a record shop in Mongkok the other night. He has attracted over hundred onlookers. He even gave out printed money with his picture on it to his fans. The scene was such a chaos that he had to stop giving out the paper money half way. Over 300 copies of his EP were sold out that night. One of his fans bought 70 copies.

Earlier, Bosco promised if the sale reaches 150,000, he would show his bare bottom. But that night, he changed his tone, he said "2,000 copies make 150,000 HKD, I don't think my bottom is that cheap. It is more expensive, let's say if I sell 150,000 copies of EP, than I will show my bum. (Did you ask your rumored girl friend to buy a copy?) She is so rich, she should buy 50 copies at least ! (Maybe she doesn't want you to show people your bum, that is why she didn't buy your EP.) My bum is OK, it is beautiful. She can show her shoulder too, I support her! (Are you hoping she will buy 50 copies?) That depends whether she wants me to show my bum! But earlier, I did a survey. Some people want to see my bum, some don't. (Do you want to show your bum?) It doesn't bother me, I don't care. If I can sell 150,000 copies, which is quite impossible, I can show you anything. Nowadays, it is impossible to sell 150,000 copies." Bosco printed 10,000 copies for the first batch and people from all over the world have placed the order for over 5,000 copies. He may still achieve his target. The reporter asked if he reaches his target sale, what would he be showing? Bosco said "I had my pictures taken showing my "dot" part. The advertising company won't let me release those pictures. If I can reach my target, I will use those pictures to do a picture album and give out the EP with the picture album. I am not worried showing my real chest and real bum." Bosco pointed out that all the proceed of his EP sale will go to the earthquake victims of Yushu. He considers it as his responsibility being a Chinese.

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