Linda Chung doesn't know Raymond Lam is Har Gau Chai

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Linda Chung doesn't know Raymond Lam is Har Gau Chai

Post by summer7879 on Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:29 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Linda Chung doesn't know Raymond Lam is Har Gau Chai

Earlier, there were reports by a magazine that Raymond Lam has a change in features, his chin getting sharper which looks like a shrimp dumpling (har gau). Rumoured girlfriend Linda Chung was present at a Po Leung Kuk event yesterday and was asked if she met Har Gau Chai recently. She misunderstood that Har Gau Chai is Kelly Chen's son and praised that he is very cute. Later she found out that the reporters meant Raymond Lam by saying Har Gau Chai, she laughed and said, Oh! You all are saying about the one with prince disease!"

Linda Chung admitted that she read the reports about Raymond Lam have a plastic surgery done. Because there are just problems with the angle of the pictures, she stressed that sometimes she can appear to have a shrimp dumpling chin too.

Perfect appearance, doesn't believe plastic surgery was done

Does she believe that Raymond really did plastic surgery to get his chin done? She said, " This is people's decision. I don't know. It's been very long since I met Raymond, but I believe he never did plastic surgery, he is already perfect, there is no need for it!" Linda was asked if she likes guys with shrimp dumpling chin, she happily said, " I feel it's very cute!" The reporters laughed and asked if Raymond did plastic surgery because of Linda, she laughed and said, " There are many foreigners who have shrimp dumpling chins too. She was asked if her the opposite sex has a shrimp dumpling chin, would she have better remarks of him, she only said, " So funny", and did not respond to the question.

Might have 3 kids in the future

Linda Chung expressed that she likes children, earlier she also sponsored a child through Po Leung Kuk but has not met up yet. Since she likes children so much, how many would she have in future, she said, " I always wanted to have more than 2 children, maybe 3!" Girl or boy doesn't matter, but I think grandmothers usually like grandson." When does she plan to have children? Linda said that she still have some time, " 1 in every year, I still have alot of time. Technology is so advanced today, older age ladies can have children too!"

Raymond Lam: Maybe the reports will say that I have breast implant

Raymond Lam appeared at Super Voice Hong Kong Coliseum concert yesterday, he was asked about the reports about his plastic surgery, he laughed and said, " I feel that the reports were hilarious, maybe I develop muscles, they will say that I have breast implant to be E cup God."

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