Sharon Chan off work indefinitely due to collar bone injury not recovered

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Sharon Chan off work indefinitely due to collar bone injury not recovered

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jun 16, 2010 12:06 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sharon Chan off work indefinitely due to collar bone injury not recovered

Sharon Chan was unfortunate last Friday as she injures her left shoulder collar bone during the filming of new TVB series . Because of the injury, she stopped working for a several days. Until today she still has not returned to work. As it is not a light injury, yesterday she wrote a reply on Weibo to all her concerning friends and fans that there is no set date of her return yet. Even before Sharon's injury, she has been filming in harsh environments for the series and going through untold sufferings due to filming.

Still not recovered, very painful injury

Five days ago, Sharon accidentally tripped on the street while doing a naked running scene for her role as a prostitute in . After resting for 5 days, Sharon "appeared" on Weibo yesterday and expressed she turned into a "one-armed beauty". She wrote: "Thank you every one of my loving friends, colleagues and family! Since the day of the accident until today, I have received over 100 SMS, messages and phone calls asking if I'm okay... My recovery is delayed because I am really in pain, its really painful! It was only until today was I able to lift up my arm to reply to you all! If I don't reply, hope you all understand!" Her fans left message after message sending their condolence. Michael Tse seems to not know about Sharon's injury at all, he wrote: "Man Jue! (Sharon) Are you ok? What happened?"

Harsh filming environments

Reporters witnessed Sharon's sufferings for the serial's outdoor scenes. At the time, she was in the alley shooting a head bashing scene with Sek Sau, where Sek Sau chases after her attempting to kill her. The alley was full of cockroaches and flies and even sewage water running nonstop on the ground. For the scene, Sharon was covered in blood makeup lying on the ground for half and hour! Facing such a harsh environment and was extremely helpless, she still continued until filming was completed.

For the perfect results, Sharon was requested to lie on the ground to shoot the murder scene. The scene also required several camera angles of both close up and distant shots. During the time, only Sharon's professionalism was seen, no matter what action or expression she had to do, she would do without objection. After filming, Sharon was asked if she felt this series is difficult for her to film? She said: "Nope. I've been acting for so many years, already used to all this, its just like eating veggies!"

Sharon expressed that her role has a relationship with Sam Lee who plays her social worker. Despite playing a prostitute, she's fortunate that it's a TV series and has its limits, won't go into detail for her prostitute scenes. Asked if the head bashing attempt murder scene was the most intense scene in the series? She said: "Considered so!"

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