Ray Lui clarifies autobiography, did not write Cally Kwong forced the marriage

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Ray Lui clarifies autobiography, did not write Cally Kwong forced the marriage

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:44 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Ray Lui clarifies autobiography, did not write Cally Kwong forced the marriage

Ray Lui and Cally Kwong were married in 1996 and divorced soon after. The short marriage was 13 years ago, but when Ray was promoting for his autobiography in Mainland he mentioned that his marriage with Cally was "suggested by her". Before they got married, they were already aruging constantly. Back then he hosted a large wedding banquet, but they never registered for marriage. Then when they got divorced, he still paid alimony to Cally.

Yesterday reporters contacted Cally Kwong, she expressed that she's really busy with work and has no time to respond to other people's issues. "I can only say that I am a person who is strict to myself, but lenient towards others. I never read his book nor will I care about it. You all want to know what I think, then you can read my new book launching at the book fair soon."

Currently on vacation in Japan, Ray learned of the reports and was very agitated. He said that his autobiography is about his life experiences and his 3 marriages. He definitely did not blame Cally for the marriage. Ray said: "I did not say she forced me to marry her, it was just that time I was not prepared to be married. I was talking about myself, I never said that she was not good. I even praised her singing and that she knows how to do business. Although we broke up, we still mantained a good relationship afterwards. If we see each other, we will greet one another and chat. What the magazines wrote about me, how do you expect me to face her in the future? I will contact her and will give her a copy of my autobiography, allowing her to understand that whatever the magazines wrote is not true. There is also a possibility that I will seek legal action against the false reports."

Ray describes his relationship with Cally as "destined but cannot be together". Also, he does not want to talk about it too much because it happened so many years ago, why bring it up again and hurt her? As to the magazines saying that Cally never received the alimony from him, Ray didn't want to argue: "I don't want to explain anymore. I already clarified, I never wrote the words 'forced marriage' in my book at all."

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