Liu Xuan first time in TVB series, worried she'll curse without knowing in Cantonese

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Liu Xuan first time in TVB series, worried she'll curse without knowing in Cantonese

Post by summer7879 on Fri Jul 02, 2010 2:16 am

Credit ; Source: Mingpao, (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Liu Xuan first time in TVB series, worried she'll curse without knowing in Cantonese

TVB new series held its costume fitting yesterday. Liu Xuan, Fala Chen, Bosco Wong, Kenneth Ma, Raymond Wong, John Chiang and Dominic Lam attended. Under the hot weather, the cast wore thick pre-modern costumes, seems like it was hard to bear for them. Being sick for a month, Liu Xuan expressed she felt a little suffocated, perhaps she's not adapted to the humid weather in Hong Kong yet. First time participating in a TVB series, Liu Xuan will show off her martial arts. Liu Xuan said that she won't know Kung Fu until the middle of the series. It was said that may be one of this year's anniversary series, does she feel blessed? Liu Xuan said if it is true, then she's really happy, but that is too pressuring. Heard that TVB series undergoes fast paced filming, her Cantonese is not that great, she needs her assistant to help translate the script for her. She hopes the other cast members won't laugh at her. Is she afraid of pronouncing the words wrong and ends up being a curse word? She frankly said that she is worried, especially when she doesn't know when she says something wrong.

Fala describes her role as a bit like the late Dik Na, determined and strong personality. As to if she'll appear sexy? She said no, only her personality and experience is like Dik Na, she a fictional character. Does Fala feel that she's like Dik Na in reality? She said that she only knew who Dik Na is through the news, she knows that Dik Na is very smart, very capable woman, Fala has not accomplished that yet. Fala also mentions that at first, her role uses several different ways to reach her goals, marrying an old man and then when she later meets Bosco Wong and Kenneth Ma, she begins to change.

John Chiang has played numerous roles before, but as Wong Fei Hung, this is the first time. He said that Master Wong is deep in people's hearts, where Kwan Tat Hing and Jet Li has portrayed before. This time the producer hopes that he can use a more comfortable way to portray Wong Fei Hung. He admits that he feels pressure, so he's started training two mouths ago for the role to avoid losing his breath in front of the camera, Lau Ka Leung has promised to help him. He felt that Wong Fei Hung does not have enough action scenes, he requested to add more extreme fighting scenes opposite of Bosco, Kenny Wong and Law Lok Man.

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