Fala Chen becomes singer, Jade Kwan implies she's crying to get attention

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Fala Chen becomes singer, Jade Kwan implies she's crying to get attention

Post by summer7879 on Sat Jul 03, 2010 6:20 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Fala Chen becomes singer, Jade Kwan implies she's crying to get attention

Yesterday Fala Chen and Jade Kwan were dressed in low cut short dresses to attend a press conference for joining a record company. Both showed off their career lines at the event. Good actress Fala Chen suddenly teared up on stage, successfully stealing first sister Jade Kwan's spotlight. No wonder Jade said: "I'm just making music" to indirectly get back at Fala, implying that she's just trying to get attention!

The day before, an insider for [Oriental Daily] revealed Fala's Neway boyfriend (Sit Sai Hang) heavily supported his girlfriend by giving up his family business to start a new record company of his own "Star Entertainment Ltd". Yesterday Star Entertainment held a press conference and announced their success in signing Fala Chen, Jade Kwan, Joyce Cheng and female newcomer Jinny Ng as their new contracted singers. Virgina Lok and many other large station executives came to support them.

As Star Entertainment's boss, Herman Ho strongly denied that Sit Sai Hang is actually the big boss behind the company: "100% not established by Sit Sai Hang. The Sit family did not invest in the company and does not have any shares." Later, the 4 artists went on stage one at a time to sign the contract. When Fala mentioned her success in becoming a singer, the happiest ones were her parents, she suddenly teared up and successfully stole the limelight.

Afterwards, Fala explained why she teared up, she denied that her new company is established by her boyfriend, but when asked if she's sure her boyfriend didn't invest in the company? She stuttered: "I'm not sure, have to ask Herman. (It was said that you signing with Star Entertainment is a way to help stand up for your boyfriend who lost his position in Neway?) No, it has nothing to do with other people." As to her boyfriend losing his position in his own family business? Fala said: "Don't judge people like that. It's a big company, rumors will affect their company. The Sit family is very nice, don't try to damage their brotherly relationship. (Do the two brothers talk?) It is not convenient for me to talk about other family issues." As for Jade who got the limelight stolen from her, she said: "I am just making music, not thinking too much. (Fala is first sister?) It's good, everyone is first sister."

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