Bernice Liu defeats love opponent Charmaine Sheh, puts on a “winner’s smile

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Bernice Liu defeats love opponent Charmaine Sheh, puts on a “winner’s smile

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:04 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu defeats love opponent Charmaine Sheh, puts on a “winner’s smile”

It was rumored that Bernice Liu defeated her love opponent Charmaine Sheh and got back together with Moses Chan. The day before, she and Moses sweetly earned money together as a couple team, while Charmaine was said to be the loser. Charmaine left to Mainland for half a year to film series and to recover from her love injuries. Yesterday at an event, Bernice showed off her "winner" smile and happily said that her "love" with Moses never changed. She also used the golden phrase: "If it's yours then it's yours, If it's not then it's not!"

Bernice and Moses have always been seen as a couple to the outside world, last year they were rumored to have broken up. Up until Moses and Charmaine started filming did rumors started again. It was said Moses used coffee to pursue Charmaine, and real love sparked between the two. This started a square of love between Moses, Bernice, Charmaine and Kevin Cheng. Bernice then in jealousy sent her blessings to Moses and Charmaine finding true love.

But, recently Bernice and Moses appeared again as a "couple team" for an event and because of this rumors broke out that Bernice successfully "stole her boyfriend" back and defeated Charmaine. Miserably said as the "big loser", Charmaine avoided and went to Mainland to work, recovering from her love injuries.

Yesterday Bernice was dressed in a deep V dress showing off a "winners" smile and generously talked about rumored boyfriend Moses and even implied that their "love" had never changed. She was asked about the rumors that she stole her boyfriend back from Charmaine? She said: "Steal boyfriend? Of course there is no such thing! Ah Mo and I have always been well.... friends. Before I was not in Hong Kong, so think that we don't see each other often then we're distant? Actually we do get together sometimes, have some coffee and chat." It was said that your relationship was very sweet? She said: "Our relationship has always been great.”

Speaking of Charmaine, Bernice said that they are colleagues, but has never collaborated before. She doesn’t believe the rumors that Charmaine went to Mainland to avoid and recover from the love injuries. Even if they bump into each other in the future, they will not feel awkward. Reporters teased that she successfully defeated love opponent in the “fight”? She had a ‘no fear’ attitude to respond: “I don’t understand how I’m fighting an love opponent. I just know one phrase: ‘if it is yours then it is yours, if not then it is not.’ I will continue with hard work in the future.”

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