Bosco Wong don't want to be Prince, can take any defamation

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Bosco Wong don't want to be Prince, can take any defamation

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jul 04, 2010 6:15 am

credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong don't want to be Prince, can take any defamation

Bosco Wong recently released a new EP with good feedback from the public. Looks like he reached a stabled position in the music industry. Since TVB other biological son, Raymond Lam, stepped into the music industry, he had a smooth development and is even holding his second concert at Hong Kong Coliseum. Bosco strongly stressed that he and Raymond are two completely different artists in style. Their goals are different, so there will not be any fights nor will we be competitors.

Going down a different path from Raymond, Bosco explained: "I really envy his success, but we have different styles. Raymond is known as 'Prince Lam', one who really has the prince feel! I am more of the sunshine style, not a prince. My personality and style is different."

Is Bosco afraid that the public will compare him to Raymond? Bosco said: "Inevitable! My style is that I don't mind being defamed at all, can take it as a joke with others. However, Raymond is a pretty boy, not my style. On the surface, we have always seen to be huge competitors, but in reality our goals are different. He gives off the same feel as Louis Koo, while I'm more like Nick Cheung."

Speaking of rumored girlfriend Myolie Wu, her company is going through a huge change, has Myolie complained to him? Bosco half joked: "If she can't continue with her contract, then go find Mr. Lam. (Bosco's manager Lam Kin Ngok)"

Liza Wang told him and Myolie Wu to hurry up get marry and have kids? Bosco said that he is very shy, if he really does have a girlfriend, then he will really think about it. Does he already have progress with Myolie? He said: "No! Have we announced we're dating?" Did he buy a ring for Myolie? He said: "When I was young, I never understood the importance of rings in love. I once bought a ring for my girlfriend, but now I understand the important commitment coming from a ring." A way to pursue girls? He said: "Give me a break, I am only good friends with Myolie."

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