Steven Ma is supported to be crowned as this year's TV King

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Steven Ma is supported to be crowned as this year's TV King

Post by summer7879 on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:34 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Steven Ma is supported to be crowned as this year's TV King

Steven Ma, Linda Chung and Fala Chen's TVB series final episodes broadcast last week and received ratings of 36 points, peaking at 41 points. Approximately 2.58 million viewers were chasing after the finale. Yesterday a celebration was held for the great success, Producer Leung Choi Yuen announced that the sequel will film next year and will be adapted as a theatrical play as well. As Kent Cheng's will also be in the battle for this year's TV King, coincidentally both series are produced by Producer Leung. When asked who Producer Leung supports, he says: "That one (Kent Cheng) already became TV King twice, don't fight with the younger ones! I really support him (Steven Ma)." Steven is very happy that will get a sequel and adapted as a theatrical play. Towards the producer supporting him for TV King this year, Steven said: "Filming series is just like waiting for the results to be announced, it is not for me to say. If I think too positively, then I'll get disappointed, I don't want surprises, therefore I choose not to think about it. If I do get it then of course it's good, I have the same attitude every year, but the TV King title brushed passed me for several years."

Fala Chen another career to develop in
Fala Chen reveals that next year she will start her dual career in music and television. But she couldn't believe that she'll also get an opportunity to be in a theatrical play. She said: "I just found out about it, next year I'll have to split myself a little, use my time wisely. (With a dual career, will she neglect her TVB jobs?) After all, I am a television artist, filming series will always come first, TVB letting me have so much free time, being busy is a good thing. We'll do it together, hopefully I can handle it."

Linda Chung wasn't too excited about a sequel because the series caused her insomnia. She said: "I am happy, but can it not be about ghosts! It's really strange, however long we were filming is however long I was sick for. (Will you decline the offer?) Well no, but I really don't want to be a ghost anymore! I am so afraid of insomnia! Before after I completed filming this series, I was immediately fine again."

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