Niki Chow announces she'll do a photo book on big belly when she's pregnant

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Niki Chow announces she'll do a photo book on big belly when she's pregnant

Post by summer7879 on Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:46 am

Credit :
Source: Takungpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ AsianEU

Niki Chow announces she'll do a photo book on big belly when she's pregnant

Niki Chow was the MC for a "Pirate Sailing Adventure Ceremony" event. This year is her 5th year in releasing books, Niki will be holding an autograph session on July 20th at the Book Fair for her new release "Cherish". Speaking of this year having many young models releasing photo books, and attacking her both sides. Asked what tactics she has to beat them? She joked: "Nothing! I have my old customers and when there's inspirations, I'll write again!"

Turns out that Niki has never done a photo book since her debut, she said: "Since my debut, I have been constantly photographed, I can collect them all and make a few photo books right there! Actually photo books don't have to be sexy, just beautiful photos and lifestyles is good enough." She smiled and said that maybe in the future when she gets pregnant, she'll do a photo book on her big belly for personal memories because she's seen many top models from overseas doing the same, not only is it not pornographic, but the feeling is very warm! Asked if she'll announce it to the world? She smiled: "Have to see if I'm fat or not when the time comes. If I still maintained my figure, then I'll consider announcing, but if not, I'll just keep it for myself to enjoy!"

About her new book is about her travels in Hokkaido, she said that she has a lot of relation with Japan because no matter if it's a special, series, advertisement or book, they are all related to Japan. Asked if she would feel sad (because she's filmed a series with Kevin Cheng in Japan) and not want to go again? She smiled: "Not sad, I am happy. Even if I'm filming a series, I'm still happy because Japan is outstanding. (Then would she find a Japanese boyfriend?) There is no guaranteed. My boyfriend being any race is not a problem now, the most important thing is that we can communicate." She reveals that a good friend who married to Japan recommended a guy to her, but she rejected him.

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