Joel Chan loves clothes more than a baby

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Joel Chan loves clothes more than a baby

Post by summer7879 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:44 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
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Joel Chan loves clothes more than a baby

Recently Joel Chan has been accepting series after series. Before he's usually given villain roles and now he turn to do more comedy and silly roles. In the recent TVB broadcast (A Pillow Case of Mystery II), Joel plays a 'high level constable', he said: "This is the first series that the average ratings is 33 points, we are all very happy. The series is already 2 years old, Bobby and I were very anxious of its release. Since the 10 years I've been in TVB, this time my constable role is probably considered the role where I had the most screen time, so I really look forward to it."

Put on weight for Emperor role

Before Joel has played many villain roles, but recently he has gotten several silly boy roles, he joked: "After (Survivor's Law II), Producers found out that actually I am silly, but actually I can do silly roles." Later, Joel will play as the Emperor in another costume drama, the producer ordered him to put on some weight, he said: "Too bad I'm used to jogging and I can't get out of my habit. Usually I jog 4 days a week, now I reduced it to only 2 days! At most I'll just eat more after I jog, eating lots of ice cream!"

Mom not rushing marriage

Earlier, Joel's 10 year girlfriend gets exposed, it was also said that marriage is near, towards this it was said that his girlfriend is 'middle-aged', he said: "Of course I'm upset! (Vent to girlfriend?) No! She understands, she also does know many of my friends in the industry." But Joel denies that it's almost time for marriage, he expressed that it is the period where he works the hardest and that even if he is getting married, he won't be having children: "Not going to have any! Definitely not because my girlfriend doesn't like children, we also like to travel." Have always liked to shop for clothes, Joel expressed: "You can say that. To me, clothing is more important than a baby. My mom is very open-minded, she doesn't force me, she even said that if don't get married, can live together too!"

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