Raymond Lam goes "Lust . Caution" taking Fangirl on bed at HK Coliseum

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Raymond Lam goes "Lust . Caution" taking Fangirl on bed at HK Coliseum

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:13 am

Credit ; Source: On.cc
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam goes "Lust . Caution" taking Fangirl on bed at HK Coliseum

The first night of four shows to Raymond Lam's was held last night at Hong Kong Coliseum. Raymond changed his 'prince' image and dyed his hair into a mix of black and white hair. He appeared on stage with a suit paired with a white skirt pants and did hot sexy dances with his female dancers. Raymond was very high and excitedly said: "Thank you! A year went by so quickly, I still haven't gotten over last year's concert. Last year, the things I said felt like ghost eating mud, today I hope to do 200%!"

Female Models touched entire body

Then Raymond changed into a white outfit, appearing on stage in a silver car with female models surrounding him. One of the models was "pirated Kate Tsui" Chung Hei Man, she and the other 3 sexy models touched Raymond's body as a warm up, then slipped into a bra top. Wearing a jacket, Kate Tsui appears on stage and dances sexily with Raymond, not only did they touch waists and stroke backs, they also played 'men and women against lower body'. Audiences saw that and screamed loudly, Raymond then took off Kate's jacket and revealed her career line, audience were excited and screamed some more.

Raymond's other guest performer, Ron Ng appeared and did a dance battle with Raymond, Kate and a female model. However Ron's dancing seemed stiff, clearly was not on par with the main character Raymond. After the dance, Raymond said: "Thanks to my two good brothers, I never treated Kate as a girl."

Touching on bed in public

Heated up after all that singing, Raymond went off the stage to shake hands with audience, a large group of fans rushed to towards the stage, causing extreme confusion. One fangirl took advantage of her close distance with idol Raymond, and helped him wipe off his sweat. Then Raymond chose one fangirl to go on stage with him. A mattress was then raised into the stage, Raymond and the fangirl were on the bed pretending to touch, Raymond also went over the fangirl's body and made the audience scream in jealousy!

Last night, Raymond also invited Kelly Chan as his special guest, the two performed . Raymond joked: "Thank you Kelly for wearing flat shoes to accommodate me!" Kelly said: "I was afraid the stage had water and I would slip!" Raymond continued to perform hot songs and even performed "See Jeh" Joey Yung and Janice Vidal songs. During the encore, Wong Cho Lam appeared, he said : "Since I was young, I have always made senior Raymond as my goal. Whatever he does, I follow. Who would have known that he'll get more shows, adding one after the other, I haven't even burst yet! (meaning: he can't keep up)." Then Wong Cho Lam made some bad gags: "Last year I called Raymond's name wrong, called him FAMA, this year I called Kate Tsui wrong, calling her 'take off clothes'." (Tsui San sounds like Tsui Sam).

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