Bobby Au Yeung "run nude" to celebrate high ratings

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Bobby Au Yeung "run nude" to celebrate high ratings

Post by summer7879 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 2:18 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao, (Extra Images:, Singtao)
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bobby Au Yeung "run nude" to celebrate high ratings

The second week of broadcast continued to get high ratings, averaging 32 points, peaking at 37 points. Bobby Au Yeung said earlier that he'll "run nude" to celebrate if ratings reach 50 points. Yesterday at the series promotional event, the Producer (Lam Chi Wah) arranged Johnson Lee to be disguised as Mermaid Pauline to predict the 50 point ratings, forcing Bobby to appear 'nude'. Bobby was dressed in a muscle shirt and triangular swim trunks, posing on stage for the audience. He laughed said that being watched like this feels strange. He also requested Jessica Hsuan to accompany him and wear tight clothing to celebrate the high ratings.

Recently Bobby's good friend Michael Tao and a female companion wearing a bikini were photographed at the beach sunbathing. Asked Bobby if he knows that Michael is sweetly in love? He joked and said that he doesn't know, but congratulates him. He also said that Michael and the girl are matching, he really has good taste. Earlier it was rumored that Michael and his ex-wife Ah Bo got back together? He said that both are single again, Bobby hopes that Ah Bo can find her other half soon, or she'll end up spending the rest of her life with a dog.

Jessica happy for Gigi Lai

Asked if Jessica will reveal a 'career line' to celebrate the good ratings or will she accompany Bobby in running nude? She laughed and said that she doesn't have any career line, nor does she have any tight clothing to wear to accompany Bobby with. Does she have to ask her boyfriend first? She expressed that it is not necessary, her boyfriend and Bobby know each other. Bobby will not have any improper thinking towards her. She also said that her boyfriend is Westerner, does not mind having his girlfriend being a little sexy. Asked if her boyfriend has seen the 'leng mo' photo books? She said that her boyfriend has to work around 10 hours each day, when he gets home he just sleeps, so he hasn't gotten the time to look at them. Speaking of Gigi having twin girls, Jessica is very happy for her, she likes daughters too, but twins is too difficult, as a mother that is a huge responsibility. She's feeling quite contradictory now, but her boyfriend hopes to have a child.
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