Raymond Lam: Lacks a Lover

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Raymond Lam: Lacks a Lover

Post by summer7879 on Fri Aug 06, 2010 4:32 am

Credit ; Source: Mingpao Weekly Issue #2173 (04/07/10), ent.163 (images)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Raymond Lam: Lacks a Lover

Raymond Lam: Lacks a Lover

Referring Raymond Lam as "Loved by All" is definitely not exaggerated. He has a wealthy family background, successful career, so good at acting and singing he gets complete support. However, what about relationships? Speaking of his "Miss Right" after his one and only rumored girlfriend Linda Chung, there was no one else. Raymond laughed out loud in his response: "My mom asked me when I'm going to get a girl... Can't rush these things, one day I will have a family of my own, just I don't know when." Life is like that, not perfect.

Speaking of his rumored girlfriend Linda Chung in the past year, he said: "It's quite funny talking about it. Honestly, I never dated Linda. It's less than 5 times that I spoke to her on the phone. And when we do, it's mainly on what time we're filming tomorrow or say a Thank You after shooting a MV. But such simple thing can lead to such big rumors, even people from overseas believed it. They called me and asked if I was dating? If the rumors continue like this, I'm afraid the public will think it's true, then no one will want to get near me."

[Oriental Daily 7/9/10] In another interview, Raymond admits that he did have 'good feelings' towards Linda. He said: "Because we were filming series together, I have talked to Linda on the phone. As partners in a series and for filming purposes, I did have 'good feelings' for her. (Qualify your girlfriend requirements?) No, our personalities do not match. I only can treat her as a friend and little sister, I won't have love feelings for her." Plans to be married at age 35, Raymond lets go of many of his requirements for a girlfriend, he said: "I only look for someone with an attractive appearance and that we feel comfortable being together."

Currently in his career, it is the time to work the hardest. Raymond frankly said that each day, all his time is put on work, he has a very tight schedule, so he's always been teased that his life is very 'dry'. Although he's not in a rush to find his 'goddess', but every parent is worried about their children. Raymond said: "My parents have never given me pressure. If I do have a girlfriend, I will introduce her to my family, let her meet my parents. But my mom teases me too, she asked when I'm going to get a girl. I guess if this goes on, she'll make arrangements to match-make me with someone. However, for match-making I need to ask my company to see if it's okay first. I personally feel that you can't force relationships. If I go and force a relationship now, but have no time to develop it, then it's not fair to my other half. I won't think too much now, when fate comes then I'll figure it out."

Democratic Parents

Raymond's father Lam Wah Kwok (Lin HuaGuo) has a real estate business in Mainland. Asked if his father is worried about his love life? He said: "My dad never asked me about my relationships. I guess he cares more about if I'll be able to help him with the family business in the future instead. Although he never directly said that, every parent wants their own son or daughter to be by their side more often. But from another point of view, he saw that my career is getting better and better in the recent year, my family has always been democratic, my parents continuously encourage and support my showbiz career."

Speaking of his career, television series he accepts one after another. Last year he focused on singing, this year he's holding another concert, Raymond frankly said he's really lucky: "But I know just luck won't get you anywhere, so the most important thing is your personal hard work because when more opportunities are offered to you, then you'll be ready for it. Opportunities and Luck landing on your hands is meaningless, how a company pushes you is useless and not convincing when your not ready for it." But this year TVB presented him the [Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer] award, stirring up many different comments by the public, does he feel that the love TVB has for him actually became harmful instead? He said: "My entry into the industry is an opportunity TVB gave me, whatever they decide, I will accept it and trust them. A large company like TVB, before a decision is made, it has to go through many people. As an artist, we really don't have think so much about it, focus on doing our best. Different comments will help push myself to do better in the future. Today, whatever I'm unsatisfied with, I definitely will work until it gets better. There will always be stress, but what’s most important is that I'm clear on every step I take."

This year Raymond is earning a lot from his jobs, was he rewarding himself by buying a 200 million car and luxury home? Raymond said: "Before I got this new one, I used my previous car for 10 years. Compared to other people changed their cars several times in a few years is not considered bad, for me I've been in the industry for 12 years, such a big boy now, not having plans on buying my own home, then I'm really not thinking straight!" Prince Lam, you do have a point there!

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