Sandra Ng swears she has nothing against Jordan Chan

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Sandra Ng swears she has nothing against Jordan Chan

Post by summer7879 on Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:55 am

credit : Source: Singtao
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Sandra Ng swears she has nothing against Jordan Chan

It was reported that Sandra Ng and Jordan Chan started a war earlier at Daniel Wu's wedding aprty. Last night, Sandra attended the premiere to her new movie and expressed that the reports are nonesense and swore under the lights she and Jordan are not on bad terms. She laughed and said that if the incident happened, then the witnesses at the party would have recorded it all down as evidence. Last night, Jordan Chan revealed through his manager denying that his message on Weibo is referring to Sandra.

Recent reports say Sandra scolded that Jordan is box office poison, Jordan used foul language on Weibo and scolded back at Sandra indirectly saying that a veteran by the surname of Ng is "nonesense". Last night, Sandra was asked about the rumors and appeared emotional. She said: "Actually I have heard people talk about this, at the time I just felt it was extremely stupid. Lately there are even many other versions of the story, that is a 100 million times more nonesense. If I respond to this news, then I'm a low level idiot, totally fabricated news, making gossips out of nothing, the current versions of the story is getting really terrifying!"

Sandra clarifies the rumors at Daniel Wu's wedding party. She said: "There were many people who has the last name Ng at the party. Why am I the one directed at? That night, I did see Jordan, but it was not what the magazines said, zero! Jordan and I greeted one another, I told him 'Hey, just got married.' Then I went to greet other people and finally I rushed back home to put my daughter to bed because she was fussing and didn't let me go out." Sandra frankly said that she is Miss Generous, filming movies for so many years there has never been hatred involved with others.

As for Jordan, he reponded through his manager Ms. Lee last night that there is no such thing, just treat it as a joke.

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