Fala Chen disturbed by secret callers

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Fala Chen disturbed by secret callers

Post by summer7879 on Wed Aug 18, 2010 12:17 am

Credit :
Source: Oriental Daily
Translator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Fala Chen disturbed by secret callers

Fala Chn attended a mobile phone event and revealed that her phone number was once leaked out. She was disturbed by anonymous callers for over half a year but she couldn't change her phone number because of work and did not make a police report because she didn't want to make a big fuss out of it.

Yesterday, Fala Chen, former Mr Hong Kong, 2005's Miss Canada Chinese International, and model Cara G were modelling for HTC's new mobile phone. When accepting an interview, Fala Chen expressed that she once lost her mobile phone. In order to protect other artistes' numbers from being exposed, she uses nicknames for all of them, she joked, "Sometimes I can't remember! (Use nickname for boyfriend too?) His nickname is too ordinary that I thought it was my colleague."

She also exposed that in the past half a year she was disturbed by calls. Every afternoon there will be an anonymous person who would call without saying a single word, " There was no sexual harassment, just called and didn't voice out, I can't change my phone number because of work, I've tried passing the call to a male colleague, thought of using a loud tone to scare him, but he still kept calling every afternoon." (Report police?) "I don't want to make a big fuss out of it, hopefully it's just my fans." (You meant that it's your fans who did it?) "I don't know, previously there was a drunkard man who called and asked if I am Fala Chen, he even said that my number was circulated on the internet. " (Someone leaked it out?) "It could be, there was a period I used two different numbers, but I didn't use two mobile phones." She was asked if she has heard of Zhuge Zhi Qi's singing? "No!" (Will you support her?) "I don't talk much about people's news!"

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