Michelle Yim "Beauty Knows No Pain" - No Way

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Michelle Yim "Beauty Knows No Pain" - No Way

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Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Michelle Yim "Beauty Knows No Pain" - No Way

Beauty Knows No Pain starring Michelle Yim will broadcast it's finale tonight. In the series, she risked getting pregnant at an older age for the sake of her husband Dominic Lam. She was later betrayed by him, and excited her strong woman character. Seeing the weak appearance of a pregnant woman, in reality Michelle can imagine how difficult it is to be pregnant and give birth to a baby, just imagining the pain makes her afraid. Currently she has does not have any sons or daughters, but Michelle does not regret and is putting her loving heart on her sponsored child.

Although Michelle loves children, every time she sees others having babies, she gets afraid and has nightmares. "One time I was imagining my pregnant looking self, but was already really scared, didn't dare to think about how it's like to really be pregnant. I am putting all my love into my sponsored child, I don't feel that having no children of my own is a pity. You can do a lot of other things in life. I often think of some people who makes a mistake and turns to a dead end in life, that is not right. There is always a solution to everything, tell someone about it. Just like how I love to share experiences with friends. I currently like to paint and play the zither, it can help educate one's temperament."

Most of afraid of having babies

Michelle is the same as her late boyfriend Wan Chi Keung, when encountering an unhappy event, they'll still view it as something positive and quickly forgets about it. "Since childhood, my personality has always been positive, my boyfriend is more positive than me, I was influenced by him. When I encounter an unhappy situation involving other people, at most I would just saw a few words then sit back and take it easy. People should understand how to be free, be open-minded, be happy and be tolerant. Don't argue with people, then won't have losses. Whatever other people say, I won't be mad, can be prettier like that. Before when my boyfriend was ill, there were a lot of negative news, but we did not mind."

Positive just like Wan Chi Keung

February 16, 2010 Wan Chi Keung lost in battling his disease and passed away. At the time, Michelle strongly held in her grief and continued to shoot Beauty Knows No Pain. She is very thankful of her company, colleagues and audience for all the support. "I didn't want to hinder everyone else. If I was going to be in sorrow at home, why not just spend it through work. Time will go by faster. Actually we all were emotionally prepared, but we have been together for 20+ years, he's really gone, sometimes when I'm alone it gets pretty sad."

Wan Chi Keung has already passed away for half a year, but Michelle feels that her boyfriend is still by her side, never has he left. "I feel that he's always been by my side, just that he went 'traveling'. This makes me feel better. I am always carrying his photo around with me, often chatting with him. His personality likes to help people, I feel that he's currently still constantly helping people. Sometimes when friends suddenly call and talk about him, this feeling would come up."

It has always been rumored that actually Michelle and Wan Chi Keung are already married, Michelle said firmly: "No! If we did get married, I would definitely tell you all. We have no children, we get along very well. We don't need a marriage certificate to restrict us, actually there is a sense of freedom like this. It's just like Cho Tak Wah wanted to be sworn with me. I tell you don't be sworn with me, I'm afraid after having the title, when there are special occasions or holidays where my sworn daughter isn't seen accompanying me, then there may be complaints. If there are no titles, I can accompany Cho Tak Wah any time when I'm free, the most important is the kind regards."

In Beauty Knows No Pain, it is Michelle's first time working with Maggie Cheung, Joyce Tang and Elena Kong. They are very compatible. "Maggie gives off a comfortable feeling, Joyce is understanding and friendly. Just like when I saw her hand care products or maybe food she has, seeing that I like it, Joyce would immediately say she'll buy it for me the next day. So I don't dare to ask her anymore. Elena is the group leader for our leisure, she's responsible for inviting us all out for dinner."

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