Steady Ah Sa X Optimistic Joey's Sisterhood

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Steady Ah Sa X Optimistic Joey's Sisterhood

Post by summer7879 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:49 am

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Translated by: mutts @ AsianFanatics

Steady Ah Sa X Optimistic Joey's Sisterhood

So-called peers in the same profession, together striving for even more common ground, Joey Yung and Charlene Choi should be trying to outwit one another. However, being influenced by the showbiz lifestyle, they have been drawn closer to one another. Although Joey and Ah Sa are both signed to EEG, together for 10 years, their paths they have each taken are distinct from one another. Debuting for 11 years, Joey has mastered her singing career, a colourful and gorgeous stage is the ideal base, stylish and mature has been her path. Meanwhile, Ah Sa and Twins make up a dream young girl impression, polar opposites from Joey. With Ah Sa's solo development and growth underneath a hot spotlight, she has nurtured the big screen movie dream.

Gemini Joey's personality is cheerful and straightforward, encountering an expert mysterious Scorpio Ah Sa, Joey admits: "Don't look at Ah Sa's cute appearance, actually her thinking is extremely mature and sophisticated, the way she conducts herself is very sure and steady, her EQ is very high. We chat openly a lot, but she can be somewhat mysterious, give her personal space, but everyone's in the same line of work, it's very understandable!" Ah Sa's character has not scared off Joey, even though their characters are different, what they both have innately in common: shopping. Joey said: "Ah Sa doesn't like to tell everyone everywhere what she recently likes, what she wants to buy, and it's rare that she can't purchase something she wants to buy. So buying presents for her to be happy can difficult. This requires patience, I've tried to guess a little bit of her fashion taste, but I'm not often fast enough, what I guess she's already bought. So I pulled a tricky move as a last resort, I went to Ah Sa's clothing store and asked the store assistant, is there anything Ah Sa has recently kept but has not paid money to buy yet? If there is, I will right away find a few and give to her as a present, I definitely won't buy wrong, it'll definitely be the right heartfelt intention!"

Mutual Support Along the Same Paths of Trials and Hardships

With each growing and expanding in the entertainment world, up until last year, there was the 'Royal Crisis' causing great changes in the Hong Kong music world. With artists under the 4 big music companies having one less platform for exposure, more faces have appeared on music programs. Consequently, Joey and Ah Sa appeared nearly every week together on the same television program (as in being interviewed together when the both of them attend awards ceremonies, events, etc.), advancing their relationship by leaps and bounds. Joey said: "In the past I have experienced many trials and hardships, mutually knowing the other treats you well, but in the past there never was time to sit down and pour out everything on your mind. But recently in the past few months because of constantly going on the same TV program, we got to see each other nearly every week. The more you see each other, the more you deeply pour out your mind. I've discovered more positive attributes about Ah Sa. She's very optimistic and caring, she won't provoke others at will."

All along, Ah Sa looks to Joey like an older sister, she says: "Back when I had not yet officially signed with my company, but went to Joey's birthday party (Charlene's was told to meet with the company, but didn't realize she was told to go to Joey's star-studded birthday party), I was silly and didn't know anyone else there. Joey took the initiative to come over and talk to me, talking to me and playing around as if I was a family member, she was very friendly. After signing with the company until now each other helping one another, we have never had news about not getting along or competing, instead it's Weibo which helped spread that."

Matchmaking For a Sister

Ah Sa greatly praises Joey for being a 'happy fruit': "She's very funny, being with her is very happy; she has a good temperament. Sometimes when she goes on stage to speak, below stage in the audience I'll be very nervous, especially at awards ceremonies. Her personality is very direct, each time after she finishes speaking, I'll 'wipe my sweat'! But I really like this character of hers, because in this line of work, there are too many people who are hypocritical and cry crocodile tears, but I'm not afraid with her. She will also not step on others to raise herself up, she relies on her own effort to rise up another step, she's very hardworking. (Pouring out worries on her mind?) It's all young girl worries. Each time we see each other we're already restlessly chatting nonstop, things we like to buy, we will recommend to each other. (Introducing men for Joey to get to know?) That's very hard, I tried it before! Introducing this way won't turn out well. As soon as introducing is mentioned, both parties turn around and run. This should be up to fate."

Talking about transformation over the past 10 years, Ah Sa says: "In the past I was the type of person who would plan everything out, but the bigger the outcome hoped for, the greater the disappointment. But now I leave it to fate, because I want to enjoy the process, then how the outcome is, it's no longer that important."

Laughing Until Stomachs Hurt When Filming

In the past, they have only collaborated for singing, this is their first time working together for film in the past 10 years. With experienced movie queen Ah Sa, while Joey has not had new acting work in the past 6 years, Joey says: "Very nervous; with movie queen Ah Sa, Wong Cho Lam and Raymond Lam filming together, I had a lot of pressure. Every time before getting into position to film, I was so nervous my stomach would hurt!" Ah Sa immediately laughs and says: "You finally know my mood at music award ceremonies, I understand the way you feel."

Epilogue - Sharing Feelings on Weibo

Regarding nowadays' celebrities and the "Weibo sickness," when the topic of Joey and Ah Sa sharing entertaining Weibo stories was mentioned, Ah Sa suddenly sprung up. No wonder the two are "Weibo Princesses" (referring to Charlene as the #1 Most Popular & Followed HK Celebrity blog on Weibo with currently 1.48 million followers). Charlene said: "Before, I did not like to go online to post messages and share, but under the influence of Joey and Gillian, the more I play the more addicted I get; every day I go online to chat."

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