Bosco Wong & Ron Ng join the 'injured' group

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Bosco Wong & Ron Ng join the 'injured' group

Post by summer7879 on Mon Sep 06, 2010 12:30 am

Credit ; Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bosco Wong & Ron Ng join the 'injured' group

Following TVB's Siu Sang King Raymond Lam being admitted to the hospital due to cervical displacement, yesterday Bosco Wong and Ron Ng both join the injured group. Both of them were injured one after the other while filming for Female Fist. Along with Kenny Wong's earlier broken finger, TVB Siu Sangs are in some disaster.

The day before, Raymond was filming for new series Colorful World of Sister Fa and because of his neck pains, he was admitted to the hospital. He was unable to attend the Growing Through Life promotion yesterday. Bosco was also unable to attend the promotion because of his injury. Damien Lau, Cecilia Yip, Toby Leung, Vivien Yeo and Dominic Lam had to lead the promotion.

Yesterday Bosco expressed over the phone that he was injured from filming several fighting scenes in Female Fist: "Because my costume is a sleeveless top, so I wasn't able to put in a pad. After work, I was in so much pain I couldn't sleep. Yesterday I couldn't stand it anymore and went to see the doctor, luckily he said that my bones are okay, just injured the muscles." To avoid delaying the filming process, after seeing the doctor, Bosco went back to work immediately. He left a message on Weibo saying that he can't use any strength on his left hand because it hurts so much. Later he'll have to shoot promotional clips for the series and called himself "one crippled hand panda".

Also part of the cast to Female Fist, Ron Ng uploaded a photo of his bandaged right hand on Weibo. He said: "I don't know why I am injured again, everyone can relax, it should a minor injury. Thanks for the concern!" Earlier, Kenny Wong was injured as well, breaking his finger during filming of Female Fist, looks like there are 3 more injured artists joining the group.

Yesterday at the Growing Through Life promotion, Damien Lau told Raymond and his other colleagues to really take good care of their health: "Perhaps they overworked themselves, have to film and go to Mainland for promotions, pretty busy. However, every person is physically different, have to take their own measures and look after their health." He is not happy about the ratings to Growing, he hopes that the last two weeks can be strong and increase the ratings.

Currently filming Sister Fa with Raymond, Toby said: "I was there on the day Raymond was hurt. After he finished one scene and took off his helmet, he expressed that there is a strange pain on his neck and shoulder. There was a colleague who checked on him and found out that he was unable to move his neck, shoulder or even the lower half of his body. Actually he's been tired for a long time, there was a notice today, we'll have to see Raymond's condition first. If can't do it, then don't film. Actually when he was filming Growing Through Life, he had to prepare for his concert at the same time. After he finished his concert, he had to get back to work immediately on the next day, I also couldn't help but teased that he's not human, felt that he's really abnormal, very crazy, he really should rest up!" About Bosco's injuries, she heard about the news too. Seeing this, does she want to rest more herself? She said: "Actually every artist do not have enough rest. There also isn't much time to prepare for fighting scenes, so often get injured. I will try my best to sleep more and eat well."

In addition, Sister Fa producer (Kwan Wing Chung) visited Raymond at the hospital, he said: "He was filming a motorcycle scene the day before, perhaps he pulled a muscle. Yesterday when he woke up he felt dizzy and was unable to move. His parents had to help him out of the bed and send him to hospital. At the hospital, he was able to go to the restroom on his own and has no problem eating. Doctor told him to rest more. (Will the filming process be affected?) The series has started shooting for 2 weeks. He has a lot of scenes opposite of Charmaine Sheh, of course it is affected, but for the mean time we will just have to shoot scenes involving other artists first."

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