Chow Yun Fat publicly praises Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Joyce Tang

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Chow Yun Fat publicly praises Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Joyce Tang

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 12, 2010 12:36 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chow Yun Fat publicly praises Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan, Joyce Tang

Chow Yun Fat's seen it all in the entertainment circle, but he still loves it, why is that? Because he loves being an actor, even if he's playing an elderly like a grandfather, he does not feel belittled. Chow Yun Fat accepted an exclusive interview with [Oriental Daily]. (TN: Only part 2 of the interview is translated.)

Reporter: How do you feel about the quality of TVB series?

Chow: Pretty good! I watched Can't Buy Me Love, it's really quite funny. Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan gets better and better. Earlier I also watched Beauty Knows No Pain, it's too a pretty good series!

Reporter: Last year you publicly praised Fala Chen, this year who do you support?

Chow: Joyce Tang I really like. In Beauty, she sacrificed her appearance, making her nose big and got an ugly look. To her, it really is a great development.

Reporter: Have you thought of returning to film a series on TVB?

Chow: Haha! I can't handle it now, I really do fear that I won't be able to handle filming series. But honestly, really have to see if there is a good script, Never say never.

Reporter: Never won an Oscar's actor award, is that a regret?

Chow: Acting is my profession, can't always think about awards. I really don't have many wishes, I just hope to do well on my roles. I can't say I won't accept a fee for being a movie just to get an award. Even if I say that you won't believe it! Given a salary, doing my best is a must, awards are just a bonus. After all, all the awards I received are donated to the Film Library.

Reporter: When are you retiring?

Chow: Never thought about it. If I want to work, then I'll continue to do so. Even if it means I'm being a grandfather, most important is if I like the role or not, every actor started off as a Siu (young) Sang to Chung (middle) Sang and finally to Lo (old) Sang, it's the law! Acting is not about you choosing, other people are choosing you too. It could be several years that no one will give you jobs, I won't wait, will go do it!

Reporter: Rumors say you and Stephen Chow are going to collaborate? Do you anticipate?

Chow: I really don't know. Even if it's true, we may not be on the main line together, so I won't think too much. A script written by the two of us will be a good watch!

Reporter: You went from shooting series, to the film scene, to Hollywood, and now back to Mainland, how does it feel?

Chow: It's just the locations changed, my lines are either in Chinese or English. It's still shooting for 12 hours a day. Of course English and Mandarin aren't my mother language, so have to practice my pronunciations!

Reporter: Ever thought of why still so popular after such a long time?

Chow: Lucky! When I entered the film scene, it was the red hot era, there were many new directors. From my entry into the film scene, to the Hollywood in the 90s and now back to Mainland... it is all luck that I was able to catch all the waves.

Reporter: Are the current artists born at the wrong time?

Chow: Nowadays there are very few Hong Kong artists who give lectures. Counting back and forth, there's only Louis Koo or Donnie Yen. Now we have the leng mo trend, but they must evolve into higher class, like Miss Hong Kong, Maggie Cheung Man Yuk didn't win the first prize, but she still made a huge success in her acting career. Why? Because she knows how to appreciate.

Reporter: Do you feel a sigh in the current entertainment industry, any message to give to all the juniors?

Chow: There will be a new scene with ups and downs, just like stocks will be high or low, because 'this is the worse time, but is also the best time.' Have to grasp! More work and effort does not necessary mean more gain, but in the entertainment circle one needs more exposure, the most important part is putting in the effort!

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