Sonjia Kwok to appear with no make-up for housewife role

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Sonjia Kwok to appear with no make-up for housewife role

Post by summer7879 on Thu Sep 23, 2010 2:06 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sonjia Kwok to appear with no make-up for housewife role

Yesterday Michael Miu, Sonjia Kwok, Ron Ng, Michael Tse, Joyce Tang and JJ Jia attended the costume fitting for TVB new series Men and Women Chooses Residence The series was accused of plagiarizing Mainland popular drama Dwelling Narrowness. Michael said: "Not a copy, both have its own styles, but I'm already prepared for Netizens to criticize." Michael felt that housing prices are too high now and favors HOS Resumption for those who are not homeowners: "The government is putting such high prices on homes, they are the God and the Ghosts!"

In the series, Sonjia will go "makeup less" (no make-up) to play a housewife for the first 10 episodes. She is not worried that the HD TV will reveal her skin problems, fortunately there is time for putting on make-up'. Towards the plagiarism rumors, Sonjia expressed that people can say whatever they like!

Ron Ng plays a real estate agent, but said that he will not make investments and has to go research online to get familiar with the language in the real estate world. He also asked his mother for advice, he has no interest in investments or stocks, he only likes to buy homes and collect rent. JJ Jia was also present at the costume fitting, coincidentally it was her birthday, asked if rumored boyfriend Sammy Shum gave her a birthday gift? She smiled sweetly and expressed that she did receive his gift and plans to celebrate her birthday with a group of friends.

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