Wayne Lai & Charmaine Sheh love sparks in Forensic Heroes III

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Wayne Lai & Charmaine Sheh love sparks in Forensic Heroes III

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:14 am

Credit : Source: Apple Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Wayne Lai & Charmaine Sheh love sparks in Forensic Heroes III

On-screen lover Wayne Lai and Sheren Tang from Rosy Business and its sequel No Regrets have left a deep impression in viewers hearts. But this December, Chai Gau Wayne will start something new working with popular Can't Buy Me Love star Charmaine Sheh for TVB new series Forensic Heroes III. Wayne and Charmaine will be involved in a relationship while investigating cases. When a King meets a Queen, there will definitely be sparks. In order to match with the beautiful Charmaine, Wayne will have to undergo hardcore weight loss and turn handsome for his role.

Recently Charmaine's popularity has increased greatly from her performance in Can't Buy Me Love. Have already been in the industry for 13 years, she has worked with many handsome Siu Sangs including Gallen Lo, Moses Chan, Kevin Cheng, Dayo Wong, Raymond Lam, Joe Ma, Chilam Cheung and more. In the recent year, Charmaine's partners were either Moses Chan or Joe Ma or Kevin Cheng, although she and Moses Can't Buy Me Love won public praises and high ratings, it's no doubt the two now lacks fresh feeling. But, Charmaine accepted Producer Miu Siu Ching's Forensic Heroes III to start in December 2010, where there will definitely be something new for audience to see because it will be her first time collaborating with Wayne Lai.

2006 Bobby Au Yeung and Frankie Lam's Forensic Heroes reached 41 points in ratings when its finale broadcast. TVB's sequel added Madam Ma (Charmaine Sheh) and Kevin Cheng's role and also received good response. Back then, Charmaine and Kevin had love sparks because of this collaboration, but this time for the third installment, TVB changed the male lead from Bobby to Wayne.

Yesterday the media contacted Producer Miu Siu Ching, she said: "FH3 will start in December. There will be Wayne, Charmaine, Kate Tsui and Ron Ng. Because the relationship line for the main leads in the first two installments is pretty much done, it's hard to continue with the story. Also there were many outstanding characters in the FH I & II that died, we hope to bring them back to life in this third one, so this time it will be a whole new story and characters."

Miu Siu Ching continues: "Charmaine will not be a madam this time, but a forensic investigator. Wayne will be a very handsome police officer who will work with Charmaine to solve cases. Of course they will have many love scenes too. Wayne and Charmaine had never collaborated before, so to viewers this is a very fresh feeling."

Yesterday Wayne accepted a phone interview and was very excited to work with Charmaine, he said: "Honestly, I have been filming series for so many years and have almost worked with all the Fadans, but never with Charmaine. Even if we are in the same series, we have no scenes together, so this time its a fresh new feeling. My partners are getting younger and younger. I feel that Charmaine is very smart, very flexible and her acting has clearly improved a lot, so I am greatly anticipating to work with Charmaine."

Wayne expressed that he'll be playing a handsome police officer and in order to match with the beautiful Charmaine, he will have to work on losing weight. He said: "I am 145 pounds now, I hope to lose 8 or 10 pounds. Thin and handsome can only match with Charmaine!"

As for Charmaine, she is also looking forward to work with Wayne, yesterday she said over the phone: "I don't know if it's confirmed yet, if so, its absolutely good news because I have never worked with Wayne before. He's a good actor, I watched his Rosy Business."

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