Fala Chen longs for marriage, keeps good health waiting to have kids

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Fala Chen longs for marriage, keeps good health waiting to have kids

Post by summer7879 on Sun Sep 26, 2010 8:18 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

Fala Chen longs for marriage, keeps good health waiting to have kids

In the recent year, Fala Chen's career can be described as smooth sailing, accepting one series after another. Also, depending on her good posture and delicate skin, her endorsement jobs comes one after another.

Once a person gets popular, naturally he or she will have more gossips. Recently, she has been constantly accused of being secretly married. although Fala denied, the rumors just won't end. She said feeling helpless: "I feel that I really don't have to tell everyone about my personal life. I can only say that I feel blessed. Since I was young and until today I have not really suffered though anything. Work, family and relationship all is well. My parents have a good relationship, it is them that gives me confidence for marriage. I also do hope to have my own family and I'm an only child, so I do want to have more children."

Wants to win Oscars

Thought about what happens after marriage? Fala thought for a moment: "Actually it's really pressuring for women, after marriage have to be a good wife, if have a baby then have to be a good mother too. (Will you continue with work?) It's hard to say, have consider many factors, like where my husband works, there are many things I don't have an answer now." Discussed with the other half yet? She laughed: "Discussing with my mom is more important, she's always asking me when I'm getting married? When can she have grandchildren? I personally feel that it's better to have children at an earlier age, my goal is to have children before age 35. So now I am starting to maintain good health."

28 year old Fala Chen does long for marriage, but in the recent year her career is getting more and more successful, so she has more ambitions. She once said that she's so busy that she doesn't even have time to be with her boyfriend, turns out that Fala actually has another way to spend more time with him: "Since I'm busy, so I have to think of something, like when filming we have 2 hours for lunch, so we'll have a meal together!" Fala said that currently she really hopes her career can get better, want to get TV Queen title? She joked: "I want to get the Oscars Best Actress! Haha, actually TVB has made arrangements for me to see foreign producers, hope to have this opportunity to develop in this path. But sometimes for jobs need to look at fate. In this industry, besides your own efforts, luck is also very important."

Not suitable for Hong Kong

Fala admits that she's just been lucky all along, she said: "Actually I am a straightforward person, basically I am not suitable for Hong Kong, especially not suitable for the entertainment industry. Shortly after I entered, I offended too many people. If I didn't like it, I would just say it out, but after so many deficits, I learned. I matured a lot in the entertainment circle."

Filming day and night won't forget about skincare

A very busy person, Fala films day and night upside down, but she's still able to keep her good skin. Asked how she takes care of her skin? She said: "Normally when I have time, I would dance, so I can relax and keep fit. Also, soup is very important and I am using Clinique's new skincare product Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & Photo Damage Corrector, all the best features in one. It is a convenient way for us busy people to maintain healthy skin, save lots of time."

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