Moses Chan prepares to lose against Wayne Lai; New daring role as serial killer

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Moses Chan prepares to lose against Wayne Lai; New daring role as serial killer

Post by summer7879 on Tue Oct 05, 2010 2:06 am

Credit : Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan prepares to lose against Wayne Lai; New daring role as serial killer

Depended on the high rated Can't Buy Me Love, Moses Chan although has become one of the hot favorites for TV King, he still felt that he's not Wayne Lai's opponent and is prepared to lose! Have always wanted a breakthrough performance, Moses will be playing a serial killer in his new series with "Sherlock Holmes" Adam Cheng. The two will be competing for the best acting!

Can't Buy Me Love starring Moses Chan and Charmaine Sheh has received good ratings, the year before he depended on the series Heart of Greed to win TV King, Moses is once again a hot favorite for this year's TV King award. Unfortunately, this year there is a huge competitor in front of him, Wayne Lai's No Regrets is the TVB anniversary series, he said: "This series, even I really want to watch it. Why wouldn't viewers anticipate as well?" He said that awards everyone wants to get, just that facing Wayne, he is prepared to lose.

Constantly wanting change, Moses often hopes to accept new challenges. Fortunately he has producer Chik Kei Yi giving him many opportunities, as an emperor, rich boy and bald look were all from producer Chik's series. Moses' new mission is to make a whole new breakthrough, he will be acting as a serial killer and even has a completely new partner, Adam Cheng. Moses is very excited and believes that there will be new sparks between the two.

In the acting industry, thousands of changes happen every day, same goes with the TV stations, having newcomers and the new generation. If things were left unchanged, then we would be lagging behind. That being said, facing the new Siu Sangs coming out, not only is Moses not worried, but he praised that it was good thing. "I am fortunate to have them around, otherwise there will be faults. The people in the past moved slowly, if there wasn't the new generation then nothing can succeed. A TV station is not supported by just one or two people." Towards the new generation Siu Sangs, Moses great praises them, felt that they are all special in their own ways. Like there is Raymond Lam who can sing, Bosco Wong who is handsome and just recently his new series with Tavia Yeung Yes, No Sir, there are many who just graduated from TVB training class. He and Tavia often gives them advice and encourages them. It is only with the new generation there this industry will blossom! As the saying goes, new waves push old waves, what happens if the waves get too big in the future? He laughed and said that he will not give up, never has he thought about the word "retire". He claimed that to last in this industry must "bite and not let go".

Relationship with Bernice Liu turns indifferent

Although he has left the film scene for a period of time, he still has many directors offering him opportunities to appear in films. However, many times he turned them down, he honestly said: "Unless it gives me a really good feeling, or I really have to film it, otherwise it's not good that I step in again." Getting down to the matter, Moses started off in the film scene and that has been the lowest point of his life. Currently he is satisfied with his development and does not hope to go back. No wonder he couldn't help but say: "This year I am getting more and more jobs, Tiger year is giving me luck."

Besides his flourishing career, this year Moses is especially "flourishing" in rumors as well. When he was filming CMBL, there were countless amounts of rumors with Charmaine Sheh. He sighed: "Is it because I don't have the force anymore or is it because Charmaine is too charming?" Speaking of rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu is really upset over the rumors? He said: "Anyone who sees it will be like that... (Has your relationship with Bernice turn sour because of that?) Still a rumor. (Have you seen her?) A lot less, we are both busy with our own jobs." Every time when Moses does interviews, no matter if it's on work, gossip, personal or even rumors, Moses will respond very quickly, except for when he speaks of "Bernice Liu", he turns unclear with his words. Perhaps this is the "soft spot" that everyone has.

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