Charmaine Sheh can't decide which one CBML or BTROC sequel

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Charmaine Sheh can't decide which one CBML or BTROC sequel

Post by summer7879 on Thu Oct 07, 2010 12:43 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Charmaine Sheh can't decide which one CBML or BTROC sequel

Once every year, TVB Anniversary awards will be held in December this year. The TV King and Queen battle is the hottest topic! This year TV Queen hot favorites are of course the super popular Can't Buy Me Love's female lead Charmaine Sheh and the already popular Rosy Business sequel No Regrets female lead Sheren Tang. TVB has to help their "biological daughter" with the promoting, yesterday the CBML's finale ratings was announced. The original rating for the finale was 42 points, but after TVB "took action" and counted in the 9 points rating by online viewers, the final rating reached 51 points, adding the chances for Charmaine's success for TV Queen!

Yesterday CBML held a celebration party, Charmaine, Moses Chan, Linda Chung, Raymond Wong, Kenneth Ma and producer Miu Siu Ching all attended. The cast opened champagne to celebrate, Moses was so excited that he got champagne all over the place!

Moses and Charmaine both agreed, hoping for a CBML sequel. Producer Miu Siu Ching expressed: "I also hope for a sequel for both CBML and Beyond the Realm of Conscience, but I have to think about which one to do first. But, I do hope to start CBML first because its a comedy series. But then again because I have to work on Forensic Heroes III, if it's going to happen, will have to wait until mid-2011."

Towards the battle for TV Queen, Charmaine is one of the hot favorites, she laughed: "Awards leave to fate. (Rosy Business sequel is a big competitor for CBML?) I anticipate watching that series as well, I watched the first one too." Does she feel that Sheren Tang is her biggest competitor? Charmaine expressed: "I already answered once. Can't say that, TVB has so many good productions, it's a good image, hope every series will be like that and give good challenges to TV productions, then that will be the happiest. Awards I cannot control."

Charmaine was asked which one she wants to start first? She expressed: "Hard to choose. If CBML starts first, there isn't much room for development for my role because the Princess is already not a shrewd anymore, it won't be funny. If Beyond gets a sequel, I hope to play the evil role, I feel that theres a much greater room for development."

Also, a few days ago Charmaine and Kevin attended Kiki Sheung's wedding party, it was said that Charmaine was drunk and didn't chat with Kevin at all. Charmaine denied everything, she said that she wasn't drunk, and she did chat with Kevin.

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