Moses Chan & Wayne Lai 'makes the move' stealing TV King from Raymond Lam

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Moses Chan & Wayne Lai 'makes the move' stealing TV King from Raymond Lam

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 08, 2010 2:37 am

Credit :Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Moses Chan & Wayne Lai 'makes the move' stealing TV King from Raymond Lam

TVB Anniversary Awards will be held early December, this year there are already several estimations for the TV King and Queen titles. Moses Chan's Can't Buy Me Love has become this year's top rated series beating Raymond Lam's The Mysteries of Love earlier this year. But, it was said that TVB anniversary series Rosy Business 2: No Regrets that will premiere on October 18th has already gotten many praises from the behind-the-scenes crew and Executives. This makes Moses Chan and Wayne Lai the hottest picks for this year's TV King title.

The day before, Moses and Wayne both 'made the move' to shoot for two TVB Sales Presentation 2011 clips. As for Raymond Lam, recently he has been busy shooting for a new series, so busy he's half dead. Though his The Mysteries of Love received high ratings, giving him hope to join the battle for TV King, but later his other series broadcast Growing Through Life received disappointing ratings, losing his momentum. Moses and Wayne of course won't miss this opportunity to 'make a move' and attack their enemy Raymond.

Moses uses magic to get girls

The day before, Moses and Adam Cheng were on the rooftop shooting the sales presentation promotional clip for their new series Heart of War. The two were on the rooftop of the 6th floor doing an emotional scene, and really is risking their lives. In the series, Moses is a magician on the surface, but in reality he's really a serial killer. Asked if he used magic to pursue girls before? He joked: "I've played with magic before. Before shooting this series, I learned from a professional magician, my visual learning is pretty strong. (Used to pursue girls?) You can say that! Just want to give a surprise to people, make some atmosphere." Besides collaborating with Adam for the first time, this is also the first time he's been a serial killer for a TVB series, he frankly said that there is a challenge.

Adam greatly praised Moses being tall and handsome: "Rare to have a co-star so pressuring, normally when working with other co-stars I have to stand with knees bent!" Asked if he's seen Moses' performance in CBML? He said: "Yup, I have seen his acting style in every one of his series, he really uses his heart. This year's TV King title, I support him." Moses also admitted that CBML's high ratings has helped him by giving him a strong encouraging shot: "The public praises for this series surpasses Beyond the Realm of Conscience, my performance this time also received more praises, gives me strong support. (A bigger chance for TV King?) For the meantime yes, in this time period! In many audiences' hearts, they do support!"

Wayne has confidence, series supported by all behind-the-scenes crew

As for Wayne, this year there is a big chance that he'll "bump" into an opportunity to get TV King. The day before, Wayne put on white make-up and white fake eyebrows, looking just like eunuch Lee Lin Ying for next year's grand production series Big Eunuch Lee Lin Ying (大太監李蓮英) promotion clip shooting. He said: "Although in the past I have been eunuchs before, but to me, it is a great challenge being Lee Lin Ying because there is really this person in history and a Mainland actor once portrayed him more than 10 years ago, he did a very good job. (Did you watch how he performed the role before shooting?) Nope, I don't copy people, I look at the script and see how to develop the role myself." When speaking of CBML high ratings, does Wayne have confidence that No Regrets will surpass it? He said confidently: "I have confidence to beat them, everyone including scriptwriter, editor and producer have watched it and said it was really good. I guaranteed with my head that it's a good drama. Even if it doesn't receive good ratings, I have no regrets shooting this drama."

Wayne does not deny his confidence for "bumping" into an opportunity for the award, but he does not dare to underestimate his rival Moses Chan. He said: "Moses always had his own style in acting, he's in fact a strong opponent." As for his other opponent, Raymond Lam, Wayne also said that his three lines (Music, Film, TV) makes him a strong candidate as well.

Who do they support?

Fala Chen: Wayne Lai is my brother in No Regrets, really have a Ah Gor feeling, support him!

Michelle Yim: CBML's three brothers led the audience well, Moses character was very cute and developed well, it is his breakthrough. The series used a cartoon style to film, the character is loved by audience."

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