Sonjia Kwok & Michael Miu the love's in the heart

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Sonjia Kwok & Michael Miu the love's in the heart

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:40 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sonjia Kwok & Michael Miu the love's in the heart

TVB new series Men & Women Chooses Residence held it's blessing ceremony yesterday. The cast includes Sonjia Kwok, Michael Miu, Him Law, Michael Tse and Ron Ng. In the series, Sonjia starts out playing a "little housewife", and will only be putting on light make-up. She said: "So I have to do masks every night, but filming this time is pretty comfortable and relaxed. Just spend 15 minutes on make-up. (Will have hugs and kisses with Michael Miu in the series?) We play a married couple of over 10 years, Michael said that sentimental scenes are the main focus, giving off a feeling of love from the heart. The love won't be too apparent. (Did Michael do this because he wanted to avoid getting his ear twisted by his wife Jamie Chik?) Of course not, their love is golden."

This series is about home ownership issues. In reality, Him is planning to become a homeowner next year, he said: "Next year I plan to buy a home, but I won't allow myself have too much of a burden, so my planned budget is around HK$4 million, just for investment and will rent it out."

About the TV King battle this year, Michael Miu expressed: "I'm not in on the battle, this year's TV King is either Moses or Wayne, what am I going to fight for? I feel that this year the hot favorite is Moses and the second favorite is Wayne. The 'black horse' is Felix Wong. In Gun Metal Grey, he performed quite well." Michael felt that No Regrets is having good momentum and is related to last year's popularity. This is a normal situation.

Also, yesterday Moses learned that Michael supports him, he laughed: "Another vote for me. I hope everyone will give me a vote. (Have confidence?) Nope, just another person voting for me gives me confidence! (Michael felt that your opponents are Wayne and Felix?) Yes, Felix is a very good actor. (Lately you have been accepting jobs like crazy, trying to boost the popularity to win?) Nothing special, just before I was too busy filming series, so now I want to accept more jobs while I have some time before I start the new series. I also hope to develop in more areas."

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