Bernice Liu rushes Moses Chan into marriage

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Bernice Liu rushes Moses Chan into marriage

Post by summer7879 on Fri Oct 15, 2010 12:44 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily, Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Bernice Liu rushes Moses Chan into marriage

Yesterday rumored couple Moses Chan and Bernice Liu attended the store opening of Armani Exchange's 2010 largest fall and winter fashion store opening in China. Towards singers William Chan and Charlene Choi announcing the "Chan-Choi Love", when will they announce the "Chan-Liu Love"? Moses fake laughed and asked if the "Chan-Choi Love" was confirmed? Towards artists announcing their relationships, Bernice said: "It is not related to being an artist or not, it is a personal preference. Like my sister, at first when she started dating, she didn't tell the family because the relationship wasn't stabled yet, she waited until she was comfortable first before telling. (You two are also going to announce when comfortable?) I have always been like this ever since I dated, I don't tell once I start dating, after a while of dating I would tell. (You two have been dating for long time?) We have been partners for a long time."

Moses said that he has always been low-key, rarely talks about his love life, he hopes to have some personal space. He said: "Respect is the most important. If there is a person who I am comfortable with and like, then will share with others. If you ask me, I am personally very low-key. (Wait until marriage before announcing?) I won't make a special announcement, nor will I not say it." At this time, the Bernice besides him asked Moses: "You won't get married?" The question was unexpected to Moses, he smiled sweetly and said: "Perhaps I'll get marry tomorrow. Right now I have no interest in planning when I'll be getting married, it be impromptu." Bernice appeared embarrassed and said: "Wait for me to buy a cup of coffee and we'll slowly talk about it." Afterwards, she didn't dare to interrupt again.

Also at the event, Kate Tsui wore a sexy low-cut dress, she reveals that later she'll have to shoot a slimming ad, so she's working hard on keeping fit. It was recently rumored that she's gotten prettier and that she's done plastic surgery. She admitted that she's afraid to die, and will never consider plastic surgery. As to the on-screen couple from Bruce Lee My Brother (少年李小龍), Aarif Lee and Jennifer Tse have gotten closer after shooting this film because both of them speak English, the director teased that they have to switch to a English channel.

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