Sheren Tang waiting for "good stuff": eager to love until last moment of life

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Sheren Tang waiting for "good stuff": eager to love until last moment of life

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 12:58 am

Credit : Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @

Sheren Tang waiting for "good stuff": eager to love until last moment of life

For a long period, Sheren Tang had been a strong individual on stage, on-screen family life and love life all comes in handy, but off-screen she is in fact "relationship stupid". So stupid that she basically won't love, even will play a long term woman waiting for love, she is eager to love passionately.

RELATIONSHIP PIECE: Mother taught me what love is:

"Career a high score, Relationship a score of zero....or actually it's not considered zero, I am currently storing my score, but are there meaningless times? Hahaha.... not at all meaningless, God is giving me a chance to learn how to love people, learn the love someone else wants, and not the kind of love I want. I just started, still have lots of room for improvement and at the same time I am improving. I'm waiting for the 'good stuff' to appear, I am currently in pre-marry stage.

Because my parents are divorced, only education and money satisfies me, so since childhood there won't be an understanding of letting go of love. Not long after dating, there would be problems and then break up, even loved ones I don't trust, not to mention dating or marriage. Until a few years ago, after I reconciled with my mom, we lived together. She taught me what love is, after working with Wayne Lai and Michael Miu, I can happily say bye-bye because I have nothing to ask, but boyfriend is different, once I'm unhappy, then turn away."

Throws tantrum when ill

"In the past, my mother and I both thought our personalities don't match, making us all unhappy. But now I learned to expand her good traits, how loved ones rely on one another. One time I was ill, in the past it was very easy for me to choose if I should bring my illness to work or not, but that time I threw a tantrum at my mom, I said that I'm feeling terrible, should I not work? I make my own decisions for many years already, why did I suddenly become a child? My mom told me to continue to rest, doing your best is already enough. Wah.... this line I would actually have said myself, but coming out of someone's mouth, it is much more powerful!

My friends also say, passionate love for 20 years is tiring. If I live until 80, I start loving at age 60 and love until the last moment of my life, isn't that good? I'm just postponing the 'fresh period'."

TV QUEEN PIECE: It's embarrassing to fight with Charmaine Sheh & Fala Chen

Last year becoming TV Queen, to me it didn't really affect my work and I won't strictly choose scripts because of that. I have always been strong on this area. Actually the public have already saved me a spot, TV Queen is just a 'Q Mark', a title. The first 3 months brought me lots of popularity, with this 'Q Mark', I attended more public events, received higher prices for my jobs. It was only that period though, after that everything resumed as normal. My life is always changing, will not let the catchy title affect me.

This year's award ceremony, I am positive No Regrets will get the 'Best Series' award, that's not a problem, but will I get one? I really never thought of this because winning an award is not something simple, being able to 'deal' with the 'Cheng Gau Mui' role, and not lose points, I'm already satisfied. (It was said there is a battle for the award between you and Charmaine Sheh?) Because I was in Mainland filming, I didn't watch Can't Buy Me Love, so I can't comment. (It was also said Fala Chen has power to join battle?) In No Regrets, I have little scenes with Fala, but her role got the desired outcome, audience will definitely love her. Everything else I have to see how she does, but Fala's acting is quite natural, she has talent for acting, very smart too. I also told her not to bury her talent."

Actually, can we not compare me with Charmaine and Fala? We are all basically from different generations! Don't talk about fighting, there is no reason for an older sister to fight with a younger sister, it's embarrassing! I want to get away from this topic because I don't like to fight, also I am their (Charmaine, Fala) senior, just like there is no reason for me to fight with Carol Cheng or Teresa Mo. Giving me the TV Queen award, I rather get the 'Audience Love My Role Award' instead!"

BREAKTROUGH PIECE: A Jerk Enough To Be "Female Dayo Wong"

"This time portraying "Cheng Gau Mui" is very challenging. The script was written extremely well, and I have done my best to portray her, to be able to handle it is already good enough. Because of "4th Mistress" success from last time, audience have higher standards and already expect it to be really good. So it's necessary for me to make the role extra rich, which is not easy. Also, the entire crew are from the first season (Rosy Business), we all want this to be a success, just like building a diagram, even if I'm just a section in the corner, I still need to fill in the diagram well, we are in a mission together.

In the recent year, no matter if it's HK or Mainland, I have received dramatic scripts, if not having schizophrenia, then it's people dying, housing collapsing, I worked so hard my body is worn out, so I really hope to do a comedy or a role that gets bullied. In my Mainland Drama New Princess Pearl (新還珠格格), I play the Queen, have to get builled by Little Sparrow, so relaxing, hahah..... it's a good grasp...good grasp, not merely about money, but something relaxing and happy. So, I really hope to do a comedy series, especially with Dayo Wong who I haven't worked with before. Actually I also can be those jerks too, I have this side of me, but only really close friends can see this. In short, I can really be 'Female version of Dayo Wong'!"

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