"Porkchop Boy" Pierre Ngo makes a breakthrough, hot pick for "Best Supporting Male",

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"Porkchop Boy" Pierre Ngo makes a breakthrough, hot pick for "Best Supporting Male",

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:01 am

Credit : Source: Apple Daily (Images: On.cc)
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net/forums/

"Porkchop Boy" Pierre Ngo makes a breakthrough, hot pick for "Best Supporting Male"

The first week of TVB anniversary series No Regrets has been broadcast, with "porkchop boy" Pierre Ngo bouncing out first crying every night, his popularity 'breaks the lightbulb'. His role is a coward and has no aims in life, always getting yelled at and bullied. In episode 3, Porkchop Boy was accused of killing Ngok Wah's son and was held at gunpoint. Wayne Lai's role "Sing Gor" risked his life protecting him. Thinking he's about to die, Pierre cried so much that water from his nose was coming out too. Pierre's touching acting was greatly praised by Netizens, even he wrote on Weibo: "I discovered a lot of people love Porkchop's nose water."

Last year, Pierre won 'Most Improved Male Artist' at TVB anniversary awards, depended on his evil role "Cheung Bit Man" in Rosy Business. This time he's back with his crying, Netizens immediately leaves messages online, pushing him to get "Best Supporting Male Character" award and arm wrestle his strongest opponent Dominic Lam from A Fistful of Stances. Yesterday Pierre accepted an exclusive interview by [Apple Daily] and said: "I never thought about it, rare to have audience love the role so much, it's better than winning an award. I want this series to win an award more than myself. The crew for this series won't be seen together again."

A senior criticized his bad acting and didn't have the looks

34 year old Pierre Ngo has been in the industry for 14 years, he started out as a DJ. He went from "big man" to second male lead, it was only in the recent year that he is getting up top, he said: "When I first entered the industry, I didn't have much fate, no luck. One time a senior saw my performance, [he/she] asked me why not just quit, didn't performed well, acting was bad, and didn't have the looks. When I heard this, I did not feel good, but since [he/she] was my senior and I was a newcomer, I went home and cried."

"It's all real tears"

Pierre continued: "I have thought about quitting, but if I don't act, what else could I do. I really wanted to do well on my profession, so just waited for opportunities." He refused to reveal who the senior was, but according to an insider, that senior was Steven Ma.

Waiting for luck to come, Pierre finally makes a bingo, thanks to Producer Lee Tim Shing, who started two seasons of Rosy Business, that pushed him up. Pierre said: "No Regrets's 3rd episode, I saw it many times and still cried. Many friends saw it and called me saying that they cried too. One of them said that they really wanted to jump into the TV screen and help me wipe the tears away. This time, I cried the most for a series, it was all real tears because many was done in one take, can't just stop the cameras and get eye drops. The script is good, can easily get into character."

Recently, Felix Wong and Chapman To both greatly praised Pierre Ngo's good acting on Weibo. Someone left a message on Pierre's weibo, saying that Chapman praised him, Pierre said: "Saying that To Sir praised me, I don't even know if it's true, but I'm really am surprised and happy." He also joked: "This time getting so many praises, it's more memorable than Cheung Bit Man from last time. Yesterday I was leaving TVB, the security guard by the door praised that I was good stuff, I asked him why? He said that the 3rd episode was shown at TVB canteen, many people were eating and crying at the same time. He also said he really wants to take a picture of that scene at the canteen for me, so I can see how shocking it was."

Speaking of the 32 point premiere ratings for No Regrets, Pierre said: "TV ratings we cannot control. But, tvb.com's clicks broke all records, I have been receiving lots of jobs in the last few days." He also said that he's really happy to be able to be a host, Pierre said: "In the past, I already really wanted to be a MC, now it's a dream come true. I want to sing theme songs even more, other things I didn't think about. Today, I have a senior who praised me, and told me not to get too proud. How can I be proud?"

It was said that TVB is heavily promoting him, he asked back: "Really? Where did you all hear this? TVB loves me, but heavy promotion is very abstract." Asked if he has confidence in winning the award for 'Best Supporting Male Character', since he's a hot favorite? He said: "Hope so, first see if I make it in, leave it to fate."

A Designer Turned Actor

Pierre Ngo's parents separated when he was 14 years old. After graduating from form 5, he attended profession training school in Fashion Design, then he worked as a designer for a clothing company. Later, a friend recommended him to sign up for the RTHK DJ training class, he hosted for the late night program (輕談淺唱不夜天). In 1998, Pierre entered TVB and started off as a host for (城市追擊). Though he has been in many TVB series, but he only had minor roles. It was only in the recent years, that Lee Tim Shing gave him the opportunity to make a breakthrough

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