Chris Lai "a small potato" with great wisdom

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Chris Lai "a small potato" with great wisdom

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:03 am

Credit : Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @

Chris Lai "a small potato" with great wisdom

In TVB series Every Move You Make, audiences' the main focus is on the mind reading "Yiu Sir" Bowie Lam or the crime investigations. But how many people noticed the impulsive "Chow Fun" Bosco Wong or "Ah Hei" Chris Lai? In the character introductions, Ah Hei is only described to have mediocre intelligence and is a flatterer. Chris is responsible to make the most of this "small potato".

Chris entered the industry in 2003, he was once one of the 'heavily promoted' young stars alongside Raymond Lam, Bosco Wong and Ron Ng. But, he had little luck and lack of opportunities, so his roles do not leave a deep impression. Receiving the script for Every Move You Make, Chris makes a strong effort in portraying the "80s after" younger generation role: "I paid attention to the young people around me, how they usually talk or sit. They don't pay attention to how their words comes out, like for example "Yes lor", "Like this lor" and they don't sit properly on the seat, they have to lean or lay on the seat. When portraying this role, I added these little movements and the catchphrases, to make the character more three dimensional."

Chris claims that the "80s after" generation are "little kids", but in fact he is born in 1980 and is considered part of the 80s after generation. "I am not like them. I have suffered from being poor before, I only played with my neighbor by running up to the mountain. Because my dad was ill, he passed away early in my life, my mom had it difficult. If my brother and I wanted to buy something, we have to work part-time. Besides tutoring, I have also worked in the supermarket."

Refuses to start rumors to get attention on the news

Not the type who is playful or go out late at nights, his good friend is Ekin Cheng. Chris has been labeled as a loner and someone not positive. "I don't like to go out at night, but instead Ekin and I like to enjoy a cup of red wine at home, chat all night. I like to go wakeboarding, scuba diving and badminton....actually I am the most playful one. The public misunderstood me, setting their minds to think I'm those types that don't worry about life, or even those lazy people. Actually, I just don't want to start rumors and do things to get in the limelight. Male actors tend to be in acting longer, like Wayne Lai's experience. We all know he's a good actor, but he's just waiting for the right opportunities. The 'Chai Gau' role is brought out by his life experience. I hope my value in the news is from my good series and roles, and not about dragging a female artist into the news to stir up rumors."

Don't mind being labeled as the "奀茄" (little man)

Chris rarely has any rumors with the female stars. Before Ekin and Yoyo Mung's relationship exposed, he was misunderstood to be in a 'sister-brother love' with Yoyo. Another time that made people around him feel that he's being humiliated was because of last year he became popular with Tavia Yeung in Beyond the Realm of Conscience. It was reported that Tavia secretly connected with "little man" Chris. Chris said the name "little man" came up because of him. In reality, he and Tavia are very good friends, she wanted to buy a camera, so he accompanied her to buy one. This resulted in the reports that 'Tavia secretly connects with the "little man"'. The little man (奀茄) name doesn't affect me too much because being in this industry for so long, I know the rules of he game. The report needed a talking point, I responded 'Then I'll work harder and hope to get rid of the little man label.' This incident troubled my mom too, she was very worried, I told her not to buy the magazines and it be fine." (TN: 奀茄 literally means "tiny eggplant")

Peaceful, no murderous look

"There are ups and downs to life, won't be in the high end period for long. During the down times, just calm down and reflect. Because of Ekin Cheng, I met Sean Lau, he said to first do your best on your part, then think about other things. Every person has a different image, Raymond Lam is the wealthy prince, Ron Ng is the cool type and Bosco Wong brings a bad boy feeling. As for me....I'll go down the peaceful path, no murderous path for me. I chose this path, it's difficult, but I can accept it."

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