First time collaborating with Adam Cheng, Moses Chan learns a lot

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First time collaborating with Adam Cheng, Moses Chan learns a lot

Post by summer7879 on Mon Oct 25, 2010 1:05 am

Credit : Source: Wenweipo, Mingpao (image)
Translated by: aZnangel @

First time collaborating with Adam Cheng, Moses Chan learns a lot

Yesterday Moses Chan attended a healthy food product (Quaker) event, demonstrating how to make oatmeal and drinks live on the spot. He then went off the stage and gave out cake to the audience, many fans fought to take pictures and he did not refuse, very well welcomed.

Recently, Moses has been busy shooting for TVB new series The War of Heart and it's the first time he's collaborating with Adam Cheng. He greatly praised Adam: "I really anticipate working with Adam, he gives me Chor Lau Heung's heroic feeling. He looks amazing in ancient costumes, no one can replace him and kept his appearance well, not one bit of fat. He's also very respectful of his profession, a very good senior for juniors to learn from." Moses expressed that Adam taught him about health and how to use deep breathing exercises (Taoist's "Dantian"). He is most impressed with Adam not eating any fried foods because of singing, and he speaks softly.

Asked if he can give up drinking coffee for singing? Moses said: "I can't, I bleed coffee blood, even when I urinate there is the coffee aroma." In The War of Heart, he plays a magician, he reveals that he did a magic trick using a large knife to stab into the chest. Because the Producer wanted the scene to look realistic, he has to use the knife accurately. He exposed that once he used basic magic tricks to impress girls.

Speaking of the recent rumors that rumored girlfriend Bernice Liu's TVB contract ends next year and does not plan to renew it. TVB was angered because of this and decided to freeze her. Moses helped out and hopes that she'll stay in TVB to have better development. When asked if there is such thing, Moses said: "Actually the artists contract with TVB, only the person involved knows. As there are many people asking us to appear as a 'couple team', it is only periodic. To me, it's just another opportunity to earn extra money." Asked if he supports Bernice working outside of TVB? Moses did not respond directly, he only said that in the recent year TVB has been actively helping their artists develop outside of the company.

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